Open Beta has begun!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, October 19, 2016

All players are hereby invited to join in the OPEN BETA!

Help us build AdventureQuest 3D.

  • STEAM (PC/MAC) - Available now!
  • Android (Tablet/Phone) - Available now!
  • Apple iOS - (Tablet/Phone) - Coming soon... just waiting for approval

"We sure have a lot do to, but just look how far we have already come :D"

Congratulations friends! ...and sincerely, thank you for being a part of this special day. Today, everyone can finally log in and join us as we continue building AdventureQuest 3D. And holy smokes do we have a lot to do.! We have been carefully listening to player feedback and have already planning how we can implement features like key binds, the PC-specific interface, more depth to classes and combat, and the other things you want to see happen in the game as quickly as possible. We are excited that so many people see this new game's potential. Your encouragement and support is what keeps us going-- and we are committed to AdventureQuest 3D for the long haul. As of this post we are now live on two of our target platforms! The third one is just waiting on approval :D  We are also ramping up for our first ever seasonal special event... Mogloween!

Known Issues & Bugs

We have been live watching the servers and jumping on bugs the second they happen. Kudos to Zhoom and Kraken for patching the "Internal Error 500" error within minutes.

  • Internal Error 500 - FIXED!
  • Map Asset could not be loaded, Teleport to Battleon?
    If you are getting this error, go to the game's title screen. Then press Options. Then press Clear Cache.
  • Server Cap Max Capacity - Fixed!
  • Friends list
    User interface fix required, and need a toggle to not allow invites.
  • Sitting
    Switching maps while sitting caused the game to crash, so we reverted to a previous version of the Inn while we fix the sitting feature. 
  • Key Bindings & Interface Keys - Biggest player request

Thank you!

Again, thank you to everyone for making AdventureQuest 3D a reality. Thank you to everyone who loves and supports our existing games. Thank you to all of you who had our backs during that rough time on Kickstarter. Thank you to everyone who has been following this games development on the website, twitter, and facebook. We really hope you enjoy playing this 1st release. But we REALLY hope you are even more excited for all the things we are about to do next. Keep giving us your feedback, cheers, and guide us to make this our best game ever! Tomorrow, the REAL WORK begins. BATTLE ON! 

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