Ornithology is for the birds

Artix Krieger | Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Ornithons of a feather, trade stocks together."

The Ornithon race is best known for their sharp beaks, deadly talons, and accounting skills. Standing just slightly taller than your typical human, their crow-like and owl-like appearances can be somewhat intimidating. But their passion for collecting, securing and protecting gold, valuables, and other shiny shinies is second to none.

Owl like Ornithons

Owl's Well that ends Well

Not all Ornithons are trustworthy. Despite their high intelligence, some say that scavenging is still in their blood. But what does an intelligent race of creatures do once they have amassed a fortune of shiny, shiny, shinies bigger than even the largest Gorillaphant can carry? Well...

They started a Bank

"We will watch your money like hawk" Which is both figurative and somewhat literal given the Ornithon's strange ancestry. If you are wondering, "Where is this Ornithon run bank exactly?"... then you need look no further than our very own home town of Battleon. That is right O_O You precious bank-stored valuables have been in the diligent charge of Ornithons. Soon, you will be able to walk inside the bank and check it out for yourself.

Word on the street is the Ornithons are having trouble with some clever thieves... and could use your help catching them, as well as testing their vault's latest security.

Brought to you by the Battleon Barber Shop

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