Paladin Class Art Update

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Revamped Paladin Armor Preview!

With the release of our Paladin class for all players, we have been working on an art upgrade. The original Paladin armor was one of our first (and oldest) armors. Dage thought you might appreciate it if he gave the armor love and brought the quality up to match the ever increasing quality of our newest armors.

Paladin NPC in AdventureQuest 3D

The revamped DoomWood Saga is getting a new Paladin NPC

There are two new prominent characters coming in our revamp of DoomWood. The honorable Paladin above... and also the ferryman who will soon take those who dare to the Isle of the Dead. You probably did not notice this in the promo image at the top of this page... but the Tower of Necromancy is secretly in the background-- buried under my clever logo placement. Per your request, we gave it a unique silhouette so it looked distinctly different than Shadowskull tower.

Sleepless in Doomwood?

So I made the one mistake a passionate game developer should NEVER do right before going to bed. I read your comments to my previous post. Do not get me wrong, I love reading your comments. But as I sincerely said in that "cringe" post I wrote a while back... I could see 99 positive posts and the only one I fixate on while staring at my ceiling was the one that said, "Not excited about Doomwood revamp because of how few things changed in Livingstone Caverns." I mean, they loved the extensive upgrades to Greenguard forest-- we really went all out on that one. Anyway, I got to this lab this morning I pulled in Cysero and Yergen and told them when I had read. (I am a man of action!) They said, "Well, this is half way between Greenguard and Livingstone... we need an emergency clean up so new players have a better time catching up with our elite players." They were certainly right about this. Doomwood is one of our oldest zones... it existed before cut-scenes, dialogs, challenge fights, unique monster skills, or even clickable stuff. I asked if we could take the awesome new story they were working on and also add a bunch of challenge fights and side content like we did in Greenguard. They said yes-- but we would have to push it back a week. We have been in a good groove doing a new release every week with a constant upward momentum. I asked, could we release the story part and some new things this week and then add more stuff the following week with the Isle of the Dead? They said, "That is definitely more realistic." Also they told me to hire more map makers and another animator. (Anyone out there with high level Unity map making skills?) So as of the moment I write this to you-- our official plan is to release the new starting DoomWood story as glorious as possible, then boost it with an additional polish pass of challenge fights and secrets. If there is something you would love for us to add (exploration area, challenge fight, something weird) in DoomWood's 1st area... please let me know in the comment section below.

More Classes come to AdventureQuest 3D soon!

The Necromancer will be the next class to be released. But Undead slayer is surprisingly far along. Although I have not seen it yet. How could they not let me see Undead slayer YET O_O!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Moglomancer and Berserker on also on the high priority list-- I expect them to come close behind the release of PvP which is our current focus-fire. Battle on!


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