Early Access Paladin Class

Artix Krieger | Monday, March 26, 2018

A bad day for the evil dead!

As promised to Legendary Tier Kickstarter Backers, their early access to the Paladin class begins now. Good news for all players, as it means it will be coming for everyone to earn next.

Paladin Release Schedule

  • PTR Early Access for Legendary Tier Kickstarter Backers (Complete)
  • PTR Testing for all players (Complete)
  • Paladin Class Early Access for Legendary Tier Kickstarter Backers (Happening now!)
  • Paladin Class available for all all players (Next)

How to get the Paladin Class

If you were a Kickstarter backer who pledged at the Legendary Tier or above, the Paladin class is now available to you in your class menu. Please help us test it out :D

Paladin Skills

  • Ardent Virtue (Passive)
    Each charge of Ardent Virtue increases the damage of your next Auto-Attack. Gain 1 charge by casting spells on yourself, or 2 charges by casting spells on allies. Max 2 charges.
  • Auto Attack
    Repeatedly attack an enemy. Consumes a charge of Ardent Virtue to deal double damage.
  • Radiant Blade
    Slashes an enemy with a beam of searing light. Deals extra damage to Undead.
  • Sanctify
    Heal yourself or an ally with purifying light while damaging all nearby enemies.
  • Holy Shield
    Creates a divine barrier around you or an ally which lowers incoming damage. Each attack that hits the barrier returns Mana to the Paladin and deals damage to the attacker. Can withstand five attacks.
  • Divine Judgement (Ultimate)
    Explode with righteous power, damaging and Stunning enemies while Strengthening all nearby allies.

Progress of all the other Classes

Our upcoming new classes are all fun and unique. You will be pleased to know that the Necromancer, Ninja, and Alpha Pirate / Pirate class are getting close. Today the entire team were tasked with play testing early versions of these classes and their skills. (Actually, I am the only member of the team who has not gotten to log in and try them all out yet.) Alpha Pirate is the most challenging, as we need to add the code for both dual weapons, and for dual hand cannons. This will result in the addition of a new weapon type to the game. The most fun by far is definitely Necromancer which allows you to summon short-lived undead minions.

Thoughts on how to release Paladin and Necromancer

Our goal is for each class to have a unique story that unlocks once you obtain it. I am working the Paladin class into our Doomwood remake. Originally we thought about Necromancer coming from the Dragon's Graveyard (and it still might), but I it is really temping to do a Tower of Necromancy release deeply connected to the new DoomWood too. Paladins vs Necromancers is a perfectly (and very thematically) two sided conflict like Vampires vs Werewolves, or Dragons vs Dragonslayers, or Pirates vs Ninjas.

There are certainly a lot of things to look forward to in the near future.


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