Game Update - Version 1.4.2 is live!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The game is now "Ashfall 2" ready!

We do not update AdventureQuest 3D every day... but it sure feels like it lately! The new version of the game client is live with important game engine fixes for the soon to be released, second chapter of Ashfall. You can also read the official patch notes.

  • Urgent Fix: Cinematic Cutscene system fixes for The Dragons of Ashfall: Part 2
  • Urgent Fix: Part 1/2 of the new dynamic loading weapon display feature for Kickstarter map
  • Senna's Bun buff will now persist through death (for real).
  • Fixed an issue with buff icons disappearing when they should not have.
  • Fixed an issue with Galanoth in Ashfall not allowing quests to be turned in.
  • Fixed "Shattered Seals" quest in Nightlocke Crypts.
  • Guardian Book signing cutscene will no longer crash on mobile devices.
  • A dozen secret fixes behind the scenes... more stability and security yadda yadda. Ever notice every other game's patch notes says this every patch? Really they do not want to tell you about all the terrible exploits that their white hats found that they urgently and stealthfully needed to patch before everyone found out you could click something a few times and get 999,999,999 gold. #truth

Other stuff: Thyton

Thyton is one of our top artists on AdventureQuest 3D. He designed nearly all of the mechs in and most of the monsters in DragonFable. He created this artwork on his iPad the other day at home. OMG it is beautiful. Imagine if we had the time to make a MechQuest 2 that looked like this! (NOTE: We do not.) Sharing because I thought you would enjoy seeing how far his art skill has evolved (If you did not already see it on Twitter & Facebook).

Thyton Mech Painting

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