AdventureQuest 3D version 1.71.0

Glisel | Tuesday, April 27, 2021

AdventureQuest Version 1.71.0

AdventureQuest 3D keeps getting better every week! In this update we released Healer Class, Item Infusion, improved our support classes Paladin, Guardian, and Moglomancer; and you can finally take the sandskiff out to the Valley of the Undying King to meet Sekt!

General Fixes and Updates

  • Capstone XP is now stored separately until Players reach the new Level cap.
  • The health of Player summoned monsters will no longer get dynamically scaled in Scaled Dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue with scaled Items displaying the wrong Level / Power Level (from Shops, Craft Shops, Quests etc.)
  • Fixed an issue with Looting that could Loot the incorrect items.
  • Guild Names should now display properly when inspecting other Players
  • Fixed an issue where "glove" styled Weapons would cause Player hands to disappear while Fishing or in Dialogues... whoops.
  • More fixes to the Reconnect feature
  • Party spell UI now shows spells correctly when changing maps
  • Adjusted party member display when member is in a different map or offline
  • Fixed summons not being attackable during a duel
  • Fixed class image not properly loading when first opening the class UI



"Heals and buffs!" Focused almost completely on empowering the party, healers can restore your health and buff your stats. Healers also have one super strong, massive attack. Healer is intended to be added as a starter class in the future. Read the full Healer post...

Passive - Pure Heart
Ultimate spell charges 25% faster from healing damaged allies

Auto Cast
Repeatedly strike your enemy from afar. Every fourth case deals bonus damage and restores mana.

Healing Wave
Concentrate your powers into a large heal for up to 5 allies.

Burst of Morale
Launch a blast of energy at an enemy to greatly boost the attack of 5 nearby allies.

Immediately apply Renew to 5 nearby allies. Each time Renew heals you or an ally, gain a stack of Kinship. Can be recast as Unleash for a brief time.

Unleash: Unleash the power of Kinship in a massive blast. Deals extra damage for each stack of Kinship.

Ultimate - Inspiring Light: Vastly enhance an ally’s battle prowess, greatly reducing their cooldowns and increasing all healing received. Immediately refreshes target’s current cooldowns.

Cross Skill - Presence of Mind: Focus your thoughts, increasing Heal Power of all spells you cast and items you use by 35%

Support Classes

With the addition of the new Healer class, we also modified the other classes support abilities.... to make them, you know, to make them better at support for group fights.



We want to push Paladin more into a single target support with area damage abilities. It should feel like an aggressive off-healer.

* No longer gains consumes stacks of Ardent Virtue for extra damage

Radiant Blade
* Can now consume a stack of Ardent Virtue, removing the Mana cost and dealing damage in an area around the target
* Slight increase to normal Mana cost
* Slight reduction to damage

* Increased casting range
* Now applies an aura to the target, healing the target and dealing damage to nearby enemies
* Overall heal/damage increased

Holy Shield
* Increased casting range
* Damage reduction increased from 25% to 30%
* Increased damage reflected when hit
* Increased Mana recovered when hit
* No longer has a maximum number of "hits" before disappearing
* Duration lowered from 9 to 6s

Divine Judgement (Ultimate)
* Removed Mana cost

Holy Bolt (Cross Skill)
* Slightly lowered damage
* Now heals over time
* Heal range increased from 10 to 15


Moglomancer needed a lot of love, and might still need a little more. Overall we wanted to give Moglomancer more active decisions, and overall make it stronger and more fun to play. Moglomancer should excel in large groups and should feel like a mix between a spellblade and a bard.

Zorbak's Bane
* Increased damage dealt by Auto-Attack
* Cooldown increased from 6 to 8s
* Now increases Crit Chance of 10 nearby allies by 35%
* Buff radius greatly increased
* Lowered mana cost from 100 to 70

Twilly's Blessing
* Now grants Defense Up to 10 nearby allies on use
* Heal from Auto-Attack increased from 1% to 3% on 10 allies
* Buff/Heal radius greatly increased
* Lowered mana cost on initial cast from 200 to 100

Moglin Punt (Ultimate)
* Removed Mana cost
* Increased base damage
* Instead of applying a Burn at rank 9, now punts the last Moglin summoned, helping allies inside the blast
* Zorbak: Strengthen
* Twilly: Heal
* Twig: Haste Up (Haste + Run Speed)

Blizzy's Blizzard Blitz (Cross Skill)
* Lowered total Attack Power from 250% to 125%
* Now applies a stacking 35% slow. At max stacks, the next hit from this spell Freezes the target


While not what we consider a Support class, we felt this was a good opportunity to update Guardian to stay in line with our new design philosophies. Overall we want Guardian to be a sustain tank with group utility.

Bulwark (Passive)
* Increased damage reduction from 10% to 15%

Guardian Marks
* Max stack increased from 10 to 15

Guardian Strike
* No longer costs Mana while at 10 Guardian Marks or more
* Gains damage at rank 6 instead of lower Mana cost

Dragon's Breath
* Increased aggro generation bonus from 200% to 300%
* Now consumes up to 10 Guardian Marks for extra damage
* AoE is now longer and slightly wider
* Slight increase to Mana cost

Guardian's Hope
* Now consumes up to 10 Guardian Marks for a secondary heal on 5 nearby allies. Secondary heal increases with the amount of Guardian Marks consumed
* Base self-heal increased from 5.5% to 11% Heal Power
* Slight increase to Mana cost

Guardian Summon (Ultimate)
* Removed Mana cost
* Removed cast time
* Armor Up increased from 20% to 50%
* Armor Up buff radius increased
* Armor Up duration lowered from 8 to 6s
* Armor Up can now affect a maximum of 5 allies

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