Patch Notes: Version 1.69.0

Glisel | Friday, April 2, 2021

AdventureQuest Version 1.69.0

Journey to the Sandsea desert in AdventureQuest 3D! Each release of our new saga unlocks exploration, and adds more story.

Also in this release:

  • Level Cap raised to 33
  • Added (!) to your menus when you get new stuff
  • Added hotkeys to target party members
  • Guild name now shows on character page
  • You can now change guild name and tag
  • Guildmember location and server will now show the correct... location and server XD
  • Guild Message of the Day
  • Camera no-longer locks on friendly targets
  • New quick buttons to cast spells on party members without switching targets
  • Character panel fixes
  • Friendly spells can no longer target someone who is in a duel
  • Ranged Monsters now... stay at ranged distances XD
  • Cooldowns now work as expected after re-connecting
  • "Loot all" button is 36.5% betterer
  • Goto friend now works when they are on a different server
  • EEEP! Heads up: There's a few known issues with the party quick cast buttons not showing up properly in all situations. We are on it.

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