Patch Notes Version 1.75.0

Glisel | Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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The Sharken and Void Sharken Challenges are now available! Continue your journey in the Sandsea Saga to unlock these challenges! A new Bastion Daily Boss Map is available for Players of all levels! Take a smack and clean up the town.
Check out Gaz for any new items you might have missed!

What's New in 1.75.0

  • Improved the Facebook Login flow for mobile players.
  • Improved some UI elements for both PC and mobile interfaces.
  • Improved the Harpoon controls for the Sharken fights for mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where Damage over Time (DoT) and Heal over Time (HoT) were not applying their ticks correctly.
  • Fixed music track volume.
  • Summons will now die if the Player switches Classes.
  • Information displayed in the tooltips has been improved.


  • Infusion Rune costs have been adjusted in preparation for new items with a higher Infusion cap.
  • All players will be refunded the Rune differences that they have already spent when the patch releases.

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