Patch Notes: Game Version 1.77.0

Glisel | Monday, October 4, 2021

AdventureQuest 3D keeps getting better every week!

This week we debut our new PvP system, Battle Arenas! Fight with your party or with strangers in this five vs five team PvP with lots of new exclusive content, rewards, and skills.


  • Players will no longer be transferred out of maps while dead
  • Queued spells will no longer cast after reviving
  • Fixed target arrow incorrectly appearing after changing maps
  • Spells now appear disabled while under the effects of Crowd Control
  • Duels now end when a player visually dies instead of at the start of the spell
  • Players no longer get stuck alive when killed in a duel by certain spells
  • Fixed area/single target auto-run settings for some spells
  • Fixed chat bubbles not appearing if a nameplate is fully disabled

--- PVP ---

PvP has officially made its way to AQ3D! This has been a huge team effort for us and we're really excited to share PvP with you.
*Remember to be kind on and off the fighting grounds.* Thanks for joining us in this journey and we'll see you in battle!

Game Mode

  • Our first PvP mode is Capture, and takes place in Battle Falls!
  • Battle Falls is a 5v5 map
  • Score points over time by capturing and controlling the three main zones, or getting kills. A respawning Bounty Zone can also be captured for immediate points.
  • First team to 750 points is the winner!

Battle Hall

  • The Battle Hall is a place to prepare for matches with your fellow heroes, view rewards, or have some friendly duels to brush up on your combat skills
  • You can visit the Battle Hall from the Battleon Scholar District
  • Talk to Firebrand in Battleon for a brief introduction and directions to enter
  • You may also teleport to the Battle Hall from your new PvP menu


  • PvP matches will use a new queueing system
  • Once 10 people have entered queue, it will check that everyone is ready, then start the match if everyone says yes
  • Players that fail to respond or say no will be automatically removed from the queue
  • You may enter queue as a party or solo
  • Enter the queue by visiting the Battle Hall and talking to Firebrand, or from your PvP menu
  • Players must be at least level 5 to participate in PvP matches


  • Each match will grant you a measure of Character XP, Gold, and Marks of Glory
  • You will also gain Class XP and Class Glory split among the classes you played during the match
  • You will gain double the rewards on a win, so work together to attain victory!
  • Marks of Glory are a PvP-specific currency that can be spent at Firebrand in the Battle Hall
  • Class Glory allows your classes to gain Glory Levels. Your Total Glory Level from all your classes will unlock new items for purchase at Firebrand

PvP Spells

  • In PvP maps (and duels), your item slots are replaced by a Travel Form slot, and two PvP Spell slots
  • Items are otherwise disabled during PvP
  • PvP Spells are extra actions available automatically during PvP
  • Visit the Battle Hall to look through and equip your PvP Spells
  • Current PvP Spells
    • Recover: Restore your Health. Restores more as your Health decreases
    • Dash: Rush forward a short distance
    • Block: Briefly prevent all damage while being unable to take any actions
    • Refresh: Fully restore your Resource bar
    • Swiftcast: Greatly increase casting speed and skill speed
    • Mark: Single out a target to take extra damage



  • We'll be keeping an eye on balance for both PvE and PvP
  • We have methods to adjust PvP balance without affecting PvE, but we do want to maintain the feel of the classes across both whenever possible


  • Global random damage spread: ±15% ➔ ±5%
  • Leaving travel forms now triggers the Global Cooldown

PvP-Only Changes

  • Player stats are equalized in PvP for all levels and gear
  • All classes you have unlocked are treated as Rank 10
  • All travel forms move at standard speed
  • Taking damage while in a travel form will remove you from the form
  • Time to exit combat: 5 seconds
  • Respawn time: 5 seconds
  • Changing classes does not refill your Health/Resource bar
  • All targeted spell casts now require a target to prevent wasted casts

PvP Class Buffs

  • Each class can have a buff that is active only during PvP
  • We can use these to balance classes for PvP without changing them in PvE
  • Current buffs:
    • All melee classes have +10% run speed
    • All melee classes (except Moglomancer) have +15% Health


  • Protection is a new term to clarify damage reduction from buffs/debuffs
  • 1 point of Protection is 1% reduction to damage taken
  • Spells like Holy Shield and Twilly's Blessing (and now Whirlwind) provide Protection
  • The Armor Break debuff (from spells like Rend and Dark Decay) now also affects the target's current Protection, making it effective both against high Armor, and against Protection buffs


The change to Whirlwind is intended to push Warrior to being more of the bruiser we intend it to be. It is now easier to reach full Whirlwind stacks, and each stack should provide significantly more damage reduction.

  • Sever
    • Power 100 ➔ 110
    • Width 90 ➔ 120 degrees
  • Whirlwind
    • Total Power 90 ➔ 105
    • Each stack gives +2% Armor ➔ +2 Protection
    • Max stacks 20 ➔ 12
    • Protection duration 4 ➔ 5s
    • Now immune to incoming CC for the duration


  • Fireball Combo Power: 30/30/165 ➔ 60/60/165
  • Ice Spear Combo Power: 30/30/50 ➔ 40/40/60


We felt that Rogue needed a few adjustments to make it more cohesive, while also bumping its damage a bit to match other damage-oriented classes.

  • New Passive: Finish Them
    • Damage over time effects do 40% more damage to enemies under 25% Health
  • Auto Attack
    • Combo Power 10/10/15% ➔ 15/15/20%
  • Poison Strike Poison stacks: 3 ➔ 4
  • Affliction (Cross Skill) removed
  • Rogue's Cross Skill is now Swift Kick
  • New skill: Toxic Surge
    • Stab an enemy, consuming up to 4 stacks of Poison for up to 220% Power
  • Venom Dance Power: 250 ➔ 200


The time to get Healing Wave off felt unnecessarily long, so we're bringing it down a bit.

  • Healing Wave
    • Cast time 2 ➔ 1.5s


Ranger is intended to excel at area damage and control, so we're increasing its area effect sizes and passive to help reflect this.

  • Trapper's Instinct (Passive) bonus damage: 25% ➔ 30%
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Radius: 3.75 ➔ 5
    • Power: 210 over 3.5s ➔ 240 over 3s
  • Bloodthorn Trap
    • Radius 2.5 ➔ 3.5
    • Moved the trap placement closer to the player
  • Arcane Archery
    • Arrow explosion radius 3.5 ➔ 4


  • Release the Braken tooltip now shows Snare info and correct damage
  • Release the Braken Power: 375% ➔ 325%


Paladin's damage and survivability were very high, mostly due Holy Shield and its ability to reflect an unlimited number of Auto-Attacks.

  • Sanctify
    • Damage radius 5 ➔
    • Total Power 120% -> 100%
  • Holy Shield
    • Duration 6 ➔ 4.5s
    • Defense 30% ➔ 25%
    • Mana regen per hit 25 ➔ 30
    • No longer reflects damage or regains mana when hit by Auto Attacks


Dragonslayer's Silence was simply too long, and chaining it could completely shut down targets. We pushed Shatterscale to be specifically better against targets with a lot of damage reduction.

  • Fang Breaker
    • Silence duration 7 ➔ 3.5s
  • Shatterscale
    • Power at 50 Determination 150% ➔ 140%
    • Defense ignore 60% ➔ 80%


We wanted to make the very high damage potential of Berserker a bit more risky.

  • Savage Flames damage now increases as your Health decreases instead of getting a flat bonus at lower Health


We wanted to take the time to improve Necromancer's playstyle. Previously there was little reason not to cast every spell the moment it was off cooldown. Summoning should now be a bit more thoughtful

  • Now starts with 40 Souls after reviving/changing classes
  • Can now see damage dealt by summons
  • Out-of-combat Souls: 3 ➔ 5 per tick
  • Soul Transfer (Passive)
    • Soul gain: 15 ➔ 20
  • Soul Siphon
    • Heal Power when consuming Soul Tether: 1 ➔ 1.5
  • Dark Decay
    • Cooldown: 4 ➔ 3s
    • Decay max stacks: 1 ➔ 3
    • Decay max Power: 100 ➔ 150
    • No longer grants Souls on Decay ticks
    • Consumes Decay at max stacks to grant 20 souls
    • Now consumes Soul Tether to apply Armor Down
    • Armor Down duration: 4 ➔ 6s
  • Soul Tether
    • Now only applied by summon's non-auto-attack spells
    • Duration: 4 ➔ 5s
  • Skeleton (Summon Skeleton)
    • Soul cost: 30 ➔ 40
    • Auto Attack Power 80 ➔ 50
    • New Skeleton spell: Bone Shatter, Power 150
    • No longer resets cooldown if Skeleton dies early
  • Big Bones (Grand Summon)
    • Auto Attack Power 80 ➔ 50
    • Ground Crunch Power 175 ➔ 200, now generates 2x aggro
    • Taunt duration 3.5 ➔ 4s
    • Ultimate Charge cannot be gained for a short time after Grand Summon


  • Twilly's Blessing
    • Fixed Defense bonus not providing any benefit
    • Now provides 25% damage reduction to allies
  • Twig's Seal
    • Mana regen 40 ➔ 50 per Auto-Attack

Cross Skills

  • Rune Siphon cooldown 30s ➔ 25s
  • Disengage Power 100% ➔ 80%
  • Rend armor break 30% ➔ 40%
  • Sprint duration 5 ➔ 3.75s
  • Blizzy's Blizzard Blitz total Power 125% ➔ 100%
  • Lucky Shot
    • Power 140% ➔ 130%
    • Cooldown 30s ➔ 25s
  • Wild Shout
    • Radius 10 ➔ 15
    • Max targets now 5
    • Duration 6 ➔ 4s
    • Haste +20% ➔ +35%

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