Patch Notes: Game Version 1.84.0

Glisel | Wednesday, March 30, 2022

AdventureQuest 3D is getting better every week!

We have fixed audio issues, improved PvP mechanics, made overall combat improvements for a better gameplay experience, and more.

Version 1.84.0 Updates

  • Fixed item previews for randomized travel forms (i.e. The Glitch).
  • Improved targeting, especially in PvP.
  • Fixed several sound and music issues.
  • Current health now increases immediately when Max Health is increased.
  • NPCs no longer have Critical Hit rating in PvP maps.
  • Players no longer evade NPC spells in PvP maps.
  • Corrected PvP stats from when they were being tracked incorrectly
  • Combat improvements - read details below.

Combat Improvements

We're currently doing some passes to make combat feel better and more exciting. The following class changes are the first round; we intend to make more in the future. These are not strictly intended as buffs or nerfs, though we'll be keeping an eye on the changes. The main goal is to make the classes feel more powerful or satisfying. We're also targeting anything that has hidden or unclear power, and trying to make it more obvious.


In general we want to add a bit more mobility and/or CC to a few melee classes, this is a first attempt to see how things look and feel.

  • Venom Dance
    • Now dashes to the target and briefly stuns them
    • Power 200 → 175


Dragon's Breath should be much easier to hit targets with, and Guardian Summon should have a bigger impact when well-timed.

  • Dragon's Breath
    • Width 3.5 → 5
  • Guardian Summon
    • Now grants Protection instead of Armor


We're making the move speed from Focus more noticeable, and moving some of the quiet damage from Ranger's Trap to Empowered Shot.

  • Focus
    • At 100 Focus, next Auto Attack grants 30% → 50% Move Speed
  • Empowered Shot
    • Power 110 → 160
  • Bloodthorn Trap
    • Removed Poison
    • Power 0 → 25


This should add some utility to Dragonslayer and make Shatterscale more useful to Empower.

  • Empowered Shatterscale
    • Now a guaranteed Critical Hit
    • Now applies Armor Break instead of ignoring defense


We're attempting to reduce some of the randomness of Pirate while providing some strategic options. Since these changes should make it more consistent, we're leveling the damage out to compensate.

  • Fire Bullet
    • Your final bullet always refreshes Bullet Storm's cooldown
  • Bullet Storm
    • Your final bullet always triggers Flak Shot
    • Power 145 → 130
  • Flak Shot
    • Power 180 → 165
  • Feathered Doom
    • Snare is now applied immediately
    • Charge time 0.5 → 0.25s


It was difficult to see the value of Moglin Reach and Zorbak's Bane, so we're changing them.

  • Moglin Reach → Moglin Zeal (Passive)
    • Now briefly increases Attack Speed after casting a Moglin spell
  • Zorbak's Bane
    • Critical Chance +35% → 100%
    • Duration 4.5 → 3s
  • Moglin Punt
    • Reduced global cooldown after finishing the cast


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