Patch Notes: Game Version 1.87.0

Glisel | Thursday, May 26, 2022

AdventureQuest 3D is getting better every week!

 We have a new News Page, Alpha Pirate and Rogue classes received some adjustments, and more!

Version 1.87.0 Updates

  • News Page updated to a scrolling screen with release descriptions. Click on the news card to go to the release!
  • Alpha Pirate class now gives class experience to the base Pirate class.
  • Rogue Ult: Dash has been fixed to place you a little further from the enemy to prevent instant-death situations.
  • XP curve adjusted at end game levels.
  • Capstone leveling now awards 100 Classic Capstones to compensate for XP curve changes.
  • General audio adjustments
  • Removed Swiftcast for balance.


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