Cysero | Thursday, October 25, 2018


Pets have long been a promised feature of AQ3D and, with the completion of the Moglins Kickstarter, they have finally arrived! This first wave of pets are only vanity pets but we are planning pets with additional features in the future!

The Bacon Egg Hatched


Poopdeck the Pirate Piggy has been waiting to be release for a while, but due to a scheduling conflict and promising our Moglins backers that their moglins would be the "first pets in AQ3D", he had to wait and became infamous Bacon Egg.

AQ3D PoopDeck

But today that egg as finally hatched and Poopdeck is free to join you on your adventures! You can pick him up in Lolosia as part of the 2018 Pirate Collection.


We also have three brand new spooky seasonal ghost pets to haunt you... Dinky, Binky and Glide. These three spectres are in the Mogloween Pet Shop found in the recently released Mystcroft Town area! Just speak to the Mayor.

Aria and the Petshop coming


Next week, Aria will be moving to Battleon! The Battleon Pet Shop will be opening its doors to the public as we release even more brand new cosmetic pets, but these will not be seasonal so you can adopt them and take them along with you anytime you want. We will also be adding at least one completely free pet that you can earn by doing Aria's Daily quests!

What pets would you like by your side?


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