Pirate Camp Wins!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Final score.. Pirates Cabin 100% and Ninja Cabin 71%

Congratulations to the Pirate Cabin who won this past weekend's Friday the 13th War. The winning Pirate team flag back item is now available for ALL PLAYERS to get. 

Camp Gonnagetcha only appears on Friday the 13ths

"Thank goodness for Camp Gonnagetcha! Those other camps which promise 'Fun under the cursed day star' really boil my blood" says another satisfied camper from Darkovia. It is pretty impressive how the new camper drops from this release are potentially even more campy than the last.

I know what you did last Friday the 13th

The crashed spaceship in the center of Camp Gonnagetcha's lake was an interesting survival dungeon challenge. It was met with applause by those craving harder, more teamwork oriented game play. What about you. Did you like the dungeon? Would you like to see more party oriented dungeons in upcoming releases?

There is another Friday the 13th coming this year O_O.


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