Show Your True Colors with Pride!

Glisel | Wednesday, June 8, 2022

It’s Pride Month!

Feeling like you're different, or don't belong, is always a challenge. That's why it is so important to recognize that our differences and unique qualities are what make us special. The Artix Entertainment community has always been made up of many different heroes: we live in different countries, believe different things, have different types of families.... but one thing has always been true. We believe that you should always be proud of who you are and the struggles you've overcome.

Taylor the Happy Moglin is relaxing in the Mysterious Islands on Pointe Less Isle. They are ready to accept you as you are in AdventureQuest 3D and want you to express your true colors all year long with the Pride Shop. You can also find Taylor in the Social District during the month of June as we celebrate Pride Month.

Pride Shop

Each of the weapons in the Pride Shop were created with a specific intention behind each one. Pick items from the shop which reflect your true colors and wear them with pride.

The Intentions Behind Each Weapon:

The Progress Shield is a shield because it protects and empowers the entire community. The battle axe/labrys has been a long-standing symbol for lesbians. The bisexual weapon has two blades, one pink and one blue, with the purple meant to represent attraction to people that identify as outside of the binary between them, while the pan-sexual weapon has one long blade that encompasses all the colors representing ones attraction to all genders. The asexual sword contains a spade at its hilt which is the symbol for asexuality, and the twin daggers are dual-wielded as the colors of the trans flag. The Non-Binary weapon is a mace simply because a staff member had a NB friend in school who had a mace in their dorm room and they thought it was cool XD

Shop Items

  • Ally Cape
  • Rainbow Cape
  • Pink and Blue Cape
  • Pastel Cape
  • Shades of Purple Cape
  • Progress Cape
  • Progress Shied
  • Shades of Red Cape
  • Axe of Pride
  • Sunset Cape
  • Halberd of Pride
  • Purple and Yellow Cape
  • Mace of Pride
  • Twin Daggers of Pride
  • Blades of Pride
  • Saber of Pride
  • Blade of Unity
  • Bright Blade of Unity

Seasons Cleaning

What Left in this Release?

  • May the 4th seasonal content (Dark Lord Shops and Mogrevious)
  • Camp Gonnagetcha (NPC and maps)

What's Leaving Next?

  • Taylor leaves the Social District (remains at Pointe Less) - June 29
  • DC Bonus - leaves Aug 10

Reminder: All Friday the 13th content in the Oddities Shop is permanent.

Coming Soon

Inspired by the Dark Warlic adventure in the House of Oddities… a new cosmetic class for the mage is coming. Just like Alpha Pirate, this will include new gear and reflavored skills and skill effects for the base Mage class. Also, if you love puppers, doggos, “Good Boys”… and “Best Boys”, etc, you’re gonna love the new dog pets coming to AQ3D.

Until then…
Battle on!

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