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Artix Krieger | Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Remember that time we broke a lot of stuff, then fixed it, and then gave you 250 Dungeon Keys? But you did not hear about it until over a week later because Artix was in some sort of weird week-long Vampire-like torpor slumber? This is THAT design notes!"

But first.... STORY TIME!

Last week was CRAZY EXCITING-- on Monday, we a major Prime-Time TV Show asked if they could use AdventureQuest 3D in a scene. O_O WHAHAHAHAHAHAT!?!?!?!?!  I am bound and gagged by an NDA, but we worked with them to get them everything they needed and it looks like it is happening. I will spill the beans the moment I am given a green light. THEN... Fox 13 News interviewed us on Friday. Probably the best interview on our real company culture ever filmed. It will likely be airing here in the Tampa Bay Area on the 11th, and also posted on their website so we can share it with you all! On a personal note (and possibly over sharing), I taught the Martial Arts class on Wednesday. I have taught classes on and off, but this was my first time teaching since earning my 4th degree in that brutal test. The class was equally brutal... a fellow blackbelt fractured their jaw during it O_O. A complete accident that happened during kicking drills. He is a big guy, and so tough that he never said anything and finished the class as normal. Much alter that night his wife coerced him to go to the hospital. He will be fine, but I think we have to declare that specific double kick I was teaching "cursed". It was the same one that resulted in one of the 3rd degree black belt candidates at the test having to finish his test with a massive patch over his right eye. Normally there is some moral or take-away to these stories... but this is pretty random shotgun story time. While you may see a great deal of excitment in my words, physically I have been pretty ill. My bruises are all healed, but I have had an exhaustion this past week unlike anything I have ever experienced. Do you know how I can tell when I am really sick vs just "eh sorta sick" -- Easy Test: I do not turn on my computer or play games if I am actually sick. (maybe this test works for you too?) I slept for nearly 38 hours this past weekend. Each day since I have been feeling better-- and that is good, because we have a lot of exciting things this October and it is time to start chain gunning Design Notes about them! Today we will catch up... tomorrow, the full release schedule for all our dark and mysterious Friday the 13th / Anniversary / Mogloween / October events!

AdventureQuest 1.5.6 is here! (and *coughs* has been for a week.)

Just after our Pirate Island opened, we did a stealth AdventureQuest 3D game client update (which we should call 1.5.5 "Yarrrrrrrrrrr!") which updated EVERY SINGLE MAP IN THE GAME. For each and every person reading this thinking "Why do these guys update every single map so much?" we have at least one jar filled to the brim with the tears of our developers :( This was a big one-- we changed how machines and clickies worked so we can do cooler things with the quests, and made our map data sorta 4th dimensional (which will let us make a lot cooler maps for you, even if Doctor Who is the only one who really understands how it works.) The complexity of this update brought Space Troopers VII amount of bugs... breaking dungeon chests, dungeon levers, the Bait and Switch Quest, and more. So we fixed it and...

We gave you 250 Dungeon Keys! :D

We would have given you more, but that was the max

In addition to the 250 Keys, you will also find:

  • Bank quests fixed! (If you were stuck, you can now complete the quests)
  • Greenguard Secret shops fixed
  • Shops are now labeled
  • Bait and Switch Quest fixed
  • Mystics Cave fixed (The Mystic is no longer broken)
  • Adjusted monsters in the Void Hall
  • Shadowguard Forge Fixed
  • Updated Chest Spawns in Nighlight Crypt Dungeons

If you look at the patch notes you may wonder... "Where are all the missing patch notes?" I asked Oishii and she replied, "Cause everything was crazy!", as she continued testing the new Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Gaurdian classes. Which, I guess... is good enough for me!

Check back for more Design Notes "tomorrow-day"

Topics we have to cover include the new classes which are in testing now, Friday the 13th, Darkovia, Mogloween, the 2018 Calendar, the 15h Anniversary line up, and the fact that the characters in that TV Show that I mentioned.... will be playing yet-to-be released Dragons of Ashfall: Part III BOSS FIGHT O_O

Battle on!



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