PTR = Public Test Realm

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Public Test Realm

The Public Test Realm (PTR) is open!

Do you want to be the first to see new stuff and help us test every map, monster, & feature on a secret testing server? We have opened up the Public Test Realm.

What is the Public Test Realm (PTR)?

  • A secret testing server
  • For brave testers only! (It is NOT a live nor stable version of the game.)
  • Uses a temporary copy of your character-- does not effect your live game
  • New features (like hair customization, beards, mustaches, braids) are tested here first
  • Frequent Server restarts and fixes
  • Resets happen often!


How to Play on the Android PTR

You can sideload this .APK file on your Android Device to access the testing server.

WARNING! *ONLY* download the AdventureQuest 3D PTR .apk file from our official website. DO NOT download AdventureQuest 3D files from other sites-- because you have no idea what they did to the file (add viruses, spyware, steal your account info, or get your account banned.)

Download the AdventureQuest 3D PTR .APK

*You can switch back to live version by installing the app from play store.*


How to play on the STEAM PTR!

It is pretty easy. I added a lot of pictures to show you how can you switch back and forth on steam.

1. Open Steam
2. Right click on AdventureQuest 3D and choose Properties

3. Select the BETAS tab
4. Congratulations! You now have access to the PTR
5. Switch to it by choosing publictest - PTR from the drop down

6. ALWAYS Clear Cache after switching to or from the PTR and Live Versions

7. Report Bugs! (Did you know there was a report bug option in the main menu?

Congratulations and welcome to the AdventureQuest 3D PTR!

You can switch back and forth between the LIVE version and the PTR at any time using the drop down. (This is what we do for testing too!) Please, please, please, report any bugs you find.

Battle on!


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