Guardians can PvP on the live servers!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Head to the Guardian Tower's training area for Player vs Player combat!

PvP (Player vs Player) is available on all devices and servers

The wait is over. Enter the Guardian tower and participate in our first round live player vs player combat tests. Try out the different classes, cross-skills, and see what kind of group combinations dominate the battlefield.

Screenshot by HazirothGhost

The current PvP test is "3 vs 3 Combat!"

Hop on a random team of 3 people and... FIGHT! In this test there are no goals, no objectives, and no fluff. Just try out battling other players and have fun. Honor and kindness amongst duelistists always produces the best matches.

Where do I go to PvP!?

Enter the Guardian tower, and take a left into the area with the horse stable. There is a door in that room which will take you to the training area. That's the place! Inside you will see players getting ready to PvP... just walk up the ramp towards the light to join the fight.

Balance Changes for PvP

After early feedback, we made a few tweaks!

  • The player will now move slightly slower when moving backwards as well as sideways.
  • The cooldown for using Health and Mana Potions has been increased to 45 seconds.
  • Ranged abilities have had their ranges reduced slightly.
  • Melee attack range has been increased slightly.
  • Mobs will no longer become 100% immune to CC (Crowd Control) spells, but Diminishing Returns will still apply.  Bosses and mobs which are immune to CC spells will still remain immune.
  • Time between Mage Auto Attacks has been increased to address an animation issue. Damage has been increased slightly to compensate.
    • Guardian Strike now gains 4 Marks, up from 3.
    • Dragon's Breath cast time has been reduced to 0.25 seconds.
    • Dragon's Breath area of effect has been increased from 2yds to 3yds.

Special PvP rules for the first Testing Phase

  • The PvP Testing Area is a 6 player map, players joining will be put on alternating teams as they enter.  The map will cap out at 3 vs 3.
  • Players are required to be facing their target in PvP in order to use Spells and Abilities successfully.
  • All players will be set to a specific level and stats.  Player equipment will not factor into stats for PvP in this Area.  This is to ensure that all players start on a level playing field.
  • All Crowd Control spell durations are halved vs Players.
  • Evasion is set to 0. However spells which affect Dodge and Evasion chance will still work (such as Ninja's Smoke Screen).
  • Your ulUltimate Charge is reset back to 0 when joining the PvP Test map.
  • It will now take 15 seconds to exit combat from a PvP encounter.
  • The PvP Testing Map will automatically close after 15 minutes.

Guardians, to arms!

This early access to PvP is currently available to Guardians of AdventureQuest 3D. If you have not already done so, please consider making the one-time Guardian upgrade to support the games ongoing releases, get access to the tower, more inventory space, more bank space, exclusive guardian class, armor, travel forms, and a large number of upcoming perks.

Beware... Dage has been spotted PvP'ing in the area today.


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