Surprise! PvP Live Test for all players on the [public test] version

Artix Krieger | Thursday, February 21, 2019

Player vs Player (PvP) now available for all players to test

Well, that escalated quickly. The very first version of PvP is in testing now, and if you can play AdventureQuest 3D on STEAM, you can give it a try. Needless to say it is pretty primitive... but oh man is it a lot of fun. We need help testing, reporting bugs, and thinking up clever things to do.

PvP is... really fun!

Gotta say, had some reservations about this but OMG it is a blast. Broke my 10 year streak of not PvPing with any players.  Did not regret. Other than Owl will probably post a video of it on his YouTube channel, LOL! At least you know I was preoccupied taking screenshots and messing with stuff XD

When you travel to PvP from your travel menu, you will appear in a secret part of the Guardian Tower. You will already have been automatically assigned to a team. The enemy team is waiting for you... but that is OK, you start in a "safe area" where you cannot be hurt. Once you cross the threshold into the main room, it is anything goes. Potions work, Paladin heals work, Necromancer works. The Ninja's sprint ability is no longer a laughing stock once you use warrior, Paladin, or any other melee class. A well composed team makes all the difference. Two mages and a warrior are a wrecking ball.  It surprised me how fun it was... and there are not even any objectives yet.

When will PvP be released on the LIVE game server?

We made a smart call putting PvP on our testing server first. A lot of stuff is going to need rapidly fixed, changed, balanced, and de-bugged. Unfortunately, it is only possible to experience this on STEAM right now. I really wish there was an easier way to do this on mobile. But it will not be long before everyone can try out PvP on the live servers from your phone, tablet, and PC/Mac/Linux etc. Again, we have a date in mind... but I do not want to say it and jinx myself (again). Currently on the public test server, anyone can try it out (even through it says it is Guardian Only). But, as promised, PvP will initially available to Guardians only.

How to access AdventureQuest 3D's Public Test Game & Server

Switching between the live and public test versions of AdventureQuest 3D is pretty easy. In your STEAM game library, right click on AdventureQuest 3D. If AdventureQuest 3D is not already in your FAVORITES list >_> this is clearly a human error and you need to "Add to favorites." XD OK, that is not mandatory... but it will certainly make it easier to get to the game later. To switch your game version, right click on AdventureQuest 3D and click on "Properties". Then choose the "BETAS" tab. Then choose "publictest - PTR". It installs super quick, the game client is surprisingly small. When you log in, it will let you know you are on the PTR version and tell you how to switch it back if you cannot find this post for some reason :D

To switch back to the normal version  simply right click AdventureQuest 3D, choose properties, choose the BETAS tab, and then choose "NONE - Opt out of all Beta Programs". This will set you back to the normal version of the game.

I highly recommend clearing your cache after switching between the normal and PTR games. This button wipes out all the map files, temp data, etc. You will automatically download the newest map files the first time you go to them.

How to get to the PvP map in game

When you are inside the game, just open your menu and choose travel. PvP is the top option. Open your Menu and choose Travel. It will take you to our little PvP testing room deep within a dungeon.

DoomWood needs more love... coming next week.

After reviewing DoomWood this week the team and I unanimously decided to  put another week of work into it before releasing it.

Stealth Release of some Items?

A few items snuck out onto the live servers today... I need to verify, but it looked like the shiny new Paladin armor, some AQ3D Kickstarter armor variant armors, and the zorbak-themed Necromancer armor from the "just the codes" and above tier from the Moglin Kickstarter. As if I needed another reminder that the lab was going to soon be filled with 10s of thousands of Moglins very soon O_O.





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