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Glisel | Thursday, October 7, 2021

PvP is a Critical Hit!

The whole team is so excited that the PvP Battle Arena release was such a success. We ended up with a full Red Dragon server multiple times in the couple days since launch. Loads of players have been sharing their win screens and gameplay screenshots on social media, sharing their strats and stats. Many of the devs have also been spending their own time playing on the Live servers with you all to celebrate the release.

Devs are making improvements as you read this

The Battle Arena is not yet perfect. There is some feedback that many players choose to AFK or leave the map early. This makes the remaining team members have to work harder to make up the difference. That isn't fair. You'll be happy to know that we're already working on finding solutions for this. Unfortunately, there were also a few players who, instead of not playing, played with an unfair advantage... Hacking.

Ban Hammer has already been brought down on Cheaters

We want to do what is fair for all players, especially in the Battle Arena, and so we will be cracking down harder on Cheaters/Hackers. Several players have been banned for cheating since the release. We will also be more focused on banning Cheaters/Hackers across the game as a whole from now on.

Our goal is to make PvP fun and fair for everyone

If you don't use cheats to play AdventureQuest 3D, then you have nothing to worry about and can continue to play as usual. If you would like to report someone for Cheating, please use your in-game Report option. This captures all of the relevant data from that map for us to look into your report, and Player Support or our Mods will take action if needed.

By the way: All travel form speeds are the same in the PvP map(s), so that fast moving Bush form isn't a speed hack XD


See you in the Battle Arena!

- Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D team

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