Artix Krieger | Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Ashfall Part III hit the max limit of quests and broke the game. Time to celebrate :D Wait.. what? Also, we ran out of those prints Darkon made for

Quest Break (n. Sorta like "limit break" from FF but more literal... and also about quests.)

Quest Break!

Quest Break! A time honored tradition

It is a time honored tradition in every Artix Entertainment game that we unintentionally discover the maximum amount of quests a single linear story line can have. Often with comedic results. Such is the story today with the Dragons of Ashfall Part III. Cysero was playing through the end of the saga and his quest storyline kept abruptly changing to "Dragonslayer camp"-- you know the first quest where you talk to the first guy. We could not figure out why. DROVE US CRAZY! Like frothing at the mouth, Cysero's desk has a big indent of his head in it, and Rolith threw some more servers around the lab* hours crazy. It should be known... AdventureQuest 3D is the first game where we actually figured out what the max number of quests in a single storyline could be before we started making quests. ...and you better believe we used every single last one of them. Even the last one. Which we should never have tried to use. Because programmers do not start counting from 1. They start at 0. (I can hear all you programmer-types laughing right now... laughing with that same maniacal laughter that Rolith does when heaving a raid array at the vending machine**.)  So now we know how many quests we REALLY HAVE. One less than we thought this morning. As Ashfall needed every single quest we allotted, we got veeeeeerrrrrry creative to solve the issue. Merging two of the quests that allow you to save your progress through the storyline version of the Dragon's Lair into a single quest. Once you reach the 50% and 90% parts of of the dungeon you will then be able to teleport back to that spot and continue your adventure. And you will really appreciate it-- The raid is long!

* Completely unrelated to the quest bug. Rolith just does that from time to time.
** Unrelated, the vending machine at the AE lab has some really weird things in it. Action figures, music CDs, underwear. And not the kinda controversial underwear you read about in Japanese vending machines back in 2012-- these are just... [transmission error] ... so what in the heck do you even do with that if even you have an elephant or two?



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