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Artix Krieger | Thursday, January 9, 2020

What would you like us to do first, boss?

Over the past 2 weeks we have been organizing and planning how to release the content in AdventureQuest 3D... but before we "gavel down" on a plan, I would really like to hear your input!

One of the things we have always done best, is building the games under your feet with your input. It would be silly to assume we can do everything/anything instantly. IT takes about 6 times longer to create content for AdventureQuest 3D vs it's 2D sibling. So when figuring out what we should do first, it makes a lot of sense to ask you. I mean, we wish we could do it all at the same time... but I am a fan of the saying "We can do anything, but not everything." So below are some questions I would really like to know your thoughts on. Here we go....


Please answer the following in the comment section below, or on the Twitter/Facebook post for the AQ3D Team.

#1 What is more important: Fixes vs New Stuff

Would you prefer we brought the older stuff up to speed or created the new stuff? This is sorta a trick question. Taking some time to fix old stuff will keep newer players in the game. But building new stuff will give you more to do right now. A good example is.... which should be first. Fixing Heartwood (which is now our oldest and worst area in the game at level ~6) or finishing the new Tower of Necromancy. Both of these requires 2 weeks of dedicated dev time to complete. So which do you feel we should focus on first? Or if you are like me and think we need to rapidly toggle back and forth... we still need to start with one. Which?

#2 Do you want more Story or Challenges first?

One major focus this year is creating lots more "evergreen" content. That is, new adventures that are available year round. Not too long ago I asked for your favorite AdventureQuest 3D releases on Twitter, and an overwhelming number of players said "ASHFALL!" Followed closely by where Darkovia is going. Story content takes the longest to create. Inversely, new dungeons like the Mad Scientist Lab, Shrade X ship and Fleshette's nightmare labyrinth have been mega hits at improving the game and take less time. But both of these take the same key people meaning we need to choose which one goes first. So, what do you want more of first?

#3 Build out the Town or World first?

Like the other two questions.... it is not a matter of either or-- it is a matter of "which do we do first?" The Town of Battleon still needs a library, museum, and a ton of other places which you will return to after finding things out in the world. For example, you will find rare books that you will take back to the Library which will reveal lore, and possible treasure maps to other artifacts. Or finding designs for new weapons and armor that you can take back to Cysero to unlock new crafting options. We could build these out first.... or we could build more of the world out first and then add the shops later. Which would you like to see first?


Thank you for letting me come to you for help in these decisions. We are grateful you are a part of making this game and look forward to reading your thoughts. One thing that was not listed on here was the "quality of life" improvements... like new emotes, the weapon sheath, character blinking, new weapon particles which are being worked on now. But that is OK, there are a ton of things that CAN be done at the same time. The 3 questions above are for the ones we legitimately need to choose and act upon. Berserker Class is coming out next week.... but what we focus on for the release after that will depend on the answers and thoughts posted by you and the other amazing players in our community.




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