Justed Released! Ranger Class

Glisel | Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Robina is waiting to train you as a Ranger in Greenguard Forest!

Our first bow class is finally here! Hop in game and talk to Robina to being your Ranger training. AdventureQuest 3D allows you to collect classes and switch between them at any time. Here's everything you need to know...

What is a Ranger?

The Ranger class is a new Tier 1 class which exclusively uses bows. Rangers are cunning hunters, trackers, and guides who have found their calling outside the cities and villages of Lore. These agile adventurers wander the natural landscapes, bow in hand, learning the ways of the wild and living off the land. Each attack accumulates Focus that can be used to execute more powerful shots.

Ranger Skills

This is a very versatile soloing class which can snare foes and rain arrows down upon them.

  • Trapper's Instinct (Passive - 25% damage increase to immobilized creatures)
  • Auto Shot (at 100 Focus, next shot will Critically hit and grant Swiftness)
  • Empowered Shot (a single arrow that can pierce through multiple enemies in a line)
  • Rain of Arrows (a volley of arrows that pierce through multiple enemies in the area of effect)
  • Bloodthorn Trap (summon vines that Root and Poison all enemies that enter the area of effect)
  • Arcane Archery (Ultimate - Arrows explode with arcane energy, granting extra focus per enemy caught in the explosion)
  • Disengage (This is a Cross Skill which can be equipped with any class once unlocked - An evasion skill! Launch an arrow while leaping backwards to put some space between you and your foe)

Ranger Bows

This week, you get your starter bow! It is the only bow available today in Robina's "Ranger Class Gear" shop. Next week... you will be able to craft new bows from around the world. Check what are artists made for you in this sneak peek Bow art post.


Bows -- a Ranger's best friend!

Which one will be your BBF? (Best Bow Forever)

The Ranger class only uses bows. (Just like the Pirate class only uses pew pews.) So, when you switch to Ranger, your bow will be equipped automatically. We wanted to make switching between classes as easy as possible. Especially now that we have multiple classes that use unique weapons.... and are planning for more in the future.

How to get Ranger Class?

Robina is waiting to train you in Greenguard Forest! Start Ranger training with class quests and dailies, and turn in some of those class tokens to start building up your Ranger class gear!

How to travel to Greenguard Forest? Lots of options...

  • Just walk out of town... she is standing on the road.
  • Use the Adventure menu
  • Use the Travel map
  • Use the portal
  • Be super ultra lazy, have a friend there and use their summon code to portal to them XD


Thank you... and good hunting!

We hope you love this new class. It is a pretty easy one to get, and a super fun one to play. Thank you for supporting AdventureQuest 3D's weekly updates. We have been making progress on the next adventure areas... keep your eyes for monster, item, and world previews! See you and your bow in game :D

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