LIVE! Rank up your Classes and Unlock Cross-Skills

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Rank every class up to 10 & Unlock all the new Cross-Skills!

In today's new version of AdventureQuest 3D you can rank up your classes and unlock special cross-skills.... yup, these are new skills you can equip and use with any class!

Necromancer Cross Skill

Necromancers unlock "Bone Prison" at rank 10 which summons a cage of bone to hold your enemy in place. This would be useful to equip to any class. Necromancer will be available for all players to earn when the Tower of Necromancy goes live in DoomWood soon.

Rogues get Affliction at rank 10 which deals double damage and poisons the target. Equip this skill to any class to add some damage over time.

Paladin cross skill\

Paladins unlock Holy Bolt at rank 10 which is a ranged attack, dealing damage to your foe and healing nearby allies. Equip this skill on any class to add a little extra healing power.

Dragonslayer Cross Skill

Dragonslayers unlock the Rend skill at rank 10. Ever notice how some monsters resist your damage? This skill sneaks past the armor damaging more direct damage. This version is extremely effective against Dragons. Equip it to any class to become more effective at dealing damage.

Warrior Cross Skill

Warriors unlock Seismic Slam at Rank 10 which is an area-of-effect attack hitting everything in melee range. Add this skill to any class to have an AOE (Area of Effect) that is useful for pulling, or even just tagging lots of monsters so you are assured to get their loot.

Mage Cross Skill

Mages unlock the Rune Siphon at Rank 10 which places a magical rune on your foe dealing damage over time. It is similar to the Rogue's, but try this one out to see how it can be extra effective with your other classes.

Ninja Cross Skill

The Ninja unlocks the Spint skill at rank 10, giving you a sudden burst of speed. Now any class can become an Olympic pro-athlete short distance runner :D "Run forest, run!"

Pirate Cross Skill

Feeling lucky? Pirate class unlocks the Lucky Shot skill at rank 10. This is a guaranteed critical hit which, when used cleverly with some other classes abilities is likely to be a magnificent balancing nightmare :D Add this skill to any class to add a wicked K.O.

Hope you love Class Ranks! We're fixing bugs and want your feedback

The team worked really hard on this release and we hope you are enjoying it. We are already neck-deep in fixing a number of bugs including the one where you see "other people's rank ups". Like all big game-play changing releases, we listen. So let us know both the things you like and the things you think need changed. We will be reading your comments below. Also, we are working double hard to get all of the early access classes released so you and all players can earn them. The Necromancer is coming with the Tower of Necromancy, but we might need to put all classes on the trainers with daily quests to speed up the process. Good luck ranking up all your classes!

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