Unboxing of the Blinding Light of Destiny!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, December 28, 2017

Unboxing Artix's Axe the Blinding Light of Destiny

It is time to unbox Artix's Axe!

Watch the YouTube video as the team unboxes the real life version of Artix's axe, the Blinding Light of Destiny. It was forged by the legendary MichaelCthulhu.

The Blinding LIght of Destiny vs Skull


About Artix's Axe

The Blinding Light of Destiny is massive battleaxe with a special secret. Wielded in the hands of one with a pure heart, it is a powerful force against the evil undead. While a battleaxe is an unusual choice of weapons for a Paladin, the strange lore behind this weapon makes it one of the few suitable weapons for Artix to wield.

  • Originally drawn by Cysero
  • The Blinding Light of Destiny has appeared in over 7 video games
  • Tons of derivatives version of it have been made including a a Star Wars-ish energy blade version
  • The axe was corrupted and sold by a Mysterious Necromancer as the Shadow Reaper of Doom in DragonFable
  • The story behind the axe was told in AdventureQuest World's "Doomwood Saga"
  • The axe was included with the Artix action figure at Toys"R"Us
  • The first real life replica of the axe was broken during a photoshoot several years ago. Made of wood, it was reinforced with a steel rod, painted pure white, and now hangs above Artix's bed.
  • The second replica was first seen in that video where Artix appears to smash a giant window.
  • 3 cosplayers created their own amazing replicas of the Blinding Light of Destiny
  • MichaelCthulhu created the first ever metal version of the Blinding Light of Destiny (featured in this video)
  • MichaelCthulu's version is 90lbs. INSANELY heavy! Also, 85% of the weight is in the giant twin blades-- which are razor sharp.
  • Vesper and the axe weight nearly the same-- which is why it was so funny when she tried to pick it up.
  • This metal version was declared the real, true Blinding Light of Destiny
  • It has drawn blood four times. (Including Dage)
  • The team is building a special (and safe) display for it in the lobby of Artix Entertainment's Secret Underground Lab.
  • The axe has not been release in AdventureQuest 3D... yet.

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