Fear the Reaper

Artix Krieger | Monday, February 19, 2018

Respawn in 5... 4...3...2...

One of our most beloved (and feared) characters of all time is at long last coming to AdventureQuest 3D. Of course you can only talk to it* when you are taking a dirt nap. Drawn by Dage, this is by far my favorite incarnation of the character yet.

* In all fairness, we are not sure what Death's personal pronoun is...

Love this game to death!

If you have been keeping an eye on our Game Plan (updated every Monday!), then you may notice we are making good progress. We are redesigning the respawn wait screen to include this ominous character-- and be certainly he will occasionally reward your mistake with witty banter from the underworld. The dialog is for more than just jokes. In cases where your respawn time is longer, or dependent on the actions of others (like in dungeons where you cannot respawn until your party clears the current room) it will be explained in the speech bubble.

Toasting to your health! ...with Potions.

To help you avoid meeting this soon to be released new character, we have made some Health and Mana potions available for gold.You can find them in your personal potion shop, or in Warlic's Magic Shop.

Bonus Story! "GrindWood"

I spent the weekend urgently re-writing a plot for DoomWood (aka GrindWood). Most of you reading this probably, already know why. The Dragons of Ashfall Part III finale was so popular that we had a huge spike in both new and returning players. Everyone was eager to get to, and play, the new release. But we have an absurdly large number of players stuck in that grind-fest level 10 range. It is bad. OMG it is so bad. I know it is. I went back and played all the way through it. I was so embarrassed until remembered that we built those zones two years ago... back before we had different quest types, cutscenes, dialogs, challenge fights, or any other of our current features. Recently we had Greenguard, Ashfall, and Darkovia-- each one getting rave reviews and improving the game by leaps and bounds. As a "Paladin of Action" I made it a personal priority to revamp our older zones including DoomWood, Heartwood and the Cave. We also have the hallway to the Underworld, the Shaman Forest, and Dragon's Graveyard currently in production. Also, we urgently need to finish fixing new player issues in the intro. We will just have to find a way to get it all done. The goal for the old areas is to bring the stories up to par with the current ones, remove all the grind, add tons of drops and items, and of course cutscenes and challenge battles. In regard to DoomWood specifically, I want to use this zone as a place for players to discover and learn the lore of the different types of undead in our world, ultimately culminating in a boss fight revealing a much larger plot that you will look forward to experiencing later in the game. Once we create it, all players will be able to play the new DoomWood and earn the new rewards that will drop in it (also a good place to put the upcoming Paladin class when it becomes available for all.) I am doing my "pitch" to Cysero on the plotline I wrote now... wish me luck!



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