Doom Regin Doom is designing a special item for you

Artix Krieger | Monday, April 22, 2019

Interview with a 5K Moglin Kickstarter Backer

Artix: Hiya guys! I am sitting here next to Doom Regin Doom (AQ3D Name). He's humble and kind... also the big backer from the Moglin Kickstarter who is visiting the lab with his Family from Iceland.

Doom Regin Doom: Hallo

Artix: Wait... do you want me to call you Doom, Regin, or Red?

Doom Regin Doom: Red

Artix: Whew, that is way easier to type. Also what we have been calling you.

Requin: I'm here too!

Requin: Red... when did you start getting into Artix Entertainment games?

Red: Around 2007.

Artix: Which game?

Red: The original AdventureQuest.

Artix: Woah! Awesome. Have you played all of our games.

Red: Yes. To varying amounts. Even Warp Force. I really enjoyed that.

Requin: I've never met anyone who complained about Warp force.

Artix: Wait for the comment section of this post XD <meek laughter commences>

Requin: *giggles* What's yoru visit

Red: The lab's amazing... full of amazing people. Not as much fighting as you expect. Wel, less swords than you would imagine.

Requin: They are in storage.

Artix: We did dress up in armor to talk to elemententary school students earlier today

Red: I came in armor.

Requin: Technically an armor shirt *giggles*

Requin: So what are you creating as part of your Kickstarter reward/

Red: A full armor set and weapon.

Artix: Uh..... I thought you got to design a zone about Moglins?

Red: It says that. But....

Artix: I'll allow it!

Red: Dage was excited.

Requin: He was nervous too.

Red: But then he drew it pretty much spot on. Probably because we jelled so well.

Artix: So at dinner on Saturday, when we first met you... you said very boldly, that you wanted to create something for all players to enjoy.

Red: YES. If you want the this item, you can play to get it.

Artix: So tell us about the item? Is it is in the promo image above I posted? (weird that I did not ask this when making the promo image)

Red: YES. Yes it. It's my personal look that I designed through the years.

Artix: You mentioned you had a friend so close, you called her a "sister".... she plays AQ3D too?

Red: Yes. We met through AQWorlds and have been playing Artix Entertainment games since.

Artix: Maybe we could make a little something for her too?

Red: YES! I definately would like to do a lot for her.

Artix: And how about AQWorlds... because... technically... this was a Moglin thing. We should do some sort of Moglin thinig for AQWorlds additionally.

Red: Of course.

Artix: <_< Any ideas?

Red: Um... a zone... where... um....... <long pause> ... you can have fun.

Requin: Perfect! Leave it vague. Build up suspense!

Artix: I'll allow it!

Everyone: *laughing*

Requin: Um... ahhh.....

Artix: Red, you're from Iceland. Players want to know. Are these items going to be ice themed?

Red: No. They're not as you can see in the picture above.

Artix: Well, I mean.... you do need to look out for that yellow snow.

Red: LOL! Good point. Never know who is walking their dragon.

Artix: Um... lol, so... you watched game of thrones here in the lab this morning?

Red: I did. I had a squeaky chair.

Artix: So.... just for everyone who is reading this, please imagine the giant fishbowl meeting office. Red and his parents are sitting in there. And... so... how was that Aria scene?

RED: O_O Interesting. To say the least.

Artix: I was just walking by when I looked and thought... oh man.... did I make your trip awkward?

Red: No. Remember. Icelanders are VERY open. And there are weirder things on TV than that in Iceland.

Artix: Like what O_O?

Red: Uh... Scandinavian shows. Google at your own risk.

Artix: Noted!

Requin: What was your favorite part about the tour?

Red: Meeting the team

Requin: Good thing that was  the first part!

Everyone: <laughing>

Requin: What was your first impression of meeting Artix in person.

Artix: ...

Red: Shorter than I expected.

Artix: I get that a lot.

Red: *in Starwars voice* "Aren't you a little short to be a Paladin"

Artix: In all fairness... you are really tall!

Red: I get that a lot.

(He's nearly 6'4" about as tall as Titan)

Red: I think the players know the rest about Artix. He's outgoing and fun. A lot of people think its an act. But it's real.

Artix: Alright... what about the rest of the team?

Red: Much of the same. All really nice and fun people.

Artix: Who did you connect with the most so far?

Red: That's a trough question because I really connected with Nythera, You, Dage, Stryche so... its a lot of people with similar ideas doing what they like.

Requin: What did you and Dage start on?

Red: Dage did a quick stretch. Detailed but non colored. From there we figured out the gnitty gritty and colored in. The result is what you see above.

Artix: And players are going to be able to get this?

Red: Mmm Hmmm

Artix: Assuming any of them survive the war that is about to hit the second wave this week.

Red: Dunnn.. dunnn... dunnn....

Artix: Did you see the Void Priestess' art?

Red: Yeah. It's awesome. I like how he's integrating some of her origin into her design discretely. If we're going to drop spoilers, it needs to be done very subtly.

Artix: On behalf of the team, players, and animals thank you for... you  know, this is weird. Because talking with you, you are absolutely not about money. You are a legit good hearted guy who is passionate about, frankly, all of the good fandoms. You're a super fan of Gundam, Pokemon, Anime in general, Warhammer, Card games, movies....

(20 minutes pass as Red & Requin go into a random Gundam model kit talk....)

Artix <interrupting>: So thank you. And thank you for being so eager to make something for all players to enjoy during your visit.

Red: Battle on!

Artix & Requin: Battle on!

You can find Red in game as "Doom Regin Doom". He and Requin are heading out to the (message mysteriously lost).

Next Day Update: ...and everyone survived.



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