Reko - Ninja Warrior

Artix Krieger | Sunday, January 6, 2019

Reko is a real life adventurer, ninja competitor, and secretly a superhero at a theme park

Using AdventureQuest 3D to film a ninja submission video? Would not be the first time one of our video games was on the TV. Meet our newest Ninja, Reko. The first time he visited the lab, he scaled up to the second story on the side of our building and on the outside of Player Support's window. Nythera (the head of player support) yelled across the lab, "Artix... I think one of your friends is having trouble finding the front door-- again."

I met Reko for the first time at a DraconCon waaaay back in 2014 (I think.) We were on a panel full of competitors from the TV show including including other top competitors, and our friends, Drew Drechsel and Ryan Stratis. We have been friends since. while there are too many stories to fit here-- Reko was the stunt coordinator from my Epic Battle Wedding. He filmed a lot of his ninja submission video for last year at the green screen in our lab. This year he asked if he could film part of his submission video in AdventureQuest 3D. How could we say no?

So if you see Reko (or me dressed as Reko) running around the game, we are just taking footage for the video which is due... I think... yesterday. Cross your fingers for him. If he gets accepted and runs the course... well, are you thinking what I am thinking for the armor set?

If you remember our semi-weekly video series AdventureCouch-- then you might be delighted (or horrified) to know that I filmed one with Reko that has never been edited. If you are interested in knowing the story of the real-life adventure, Reko... from that time his fireworks stand blew up and made the news to how he coordinated real life battle chess across Tampa conventions, let me know and I will fire up Adobe Premiere. Battle on!


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