Reko's Ninja Video

Artix Krieger | Thursday, February 7, 2019

Watch Reko's Ninja Video

Reko is a long time friend and ninja competitor. For his submission video this year he creatively used AdventureQuest 3D footage. Want to see it?

Reko's Ninja Video

Watch Reko's Ninja Video on Youtube

Was certainly fun to make! Want his armor?

Reko is a long time friend, athlete, and ninja.  We met after my appearance on the TV show... he is a real life adventure-- and very possibly leads one of the most interesting lives of anyone I have ever met. He asked if he could use game footage to make his submission video. We excitedly said sure! It was a blast.

It was fun! The Ninja Chase Scenes

The video is intentionally cheesy, and that is great :D The story is that Reko goes to his regular parkour gym and finds a VR Headset. Upon putting it on, he is taken to our virtual world. He is challenged by a Ninja whom he chases around our game world. While he jumps in game, he is doing real-life parkour at the gym.

Important note: When filming wearing the headset, Reko was actually blind in real life. He could not see out of the headset. So he had to do the warped wall, step jumps, and flips without being able to see. Which... upon realizing made the entire video pretty impressive.

The video concludes with a DBZ-ish style battle in the Dragon's Lair. When Reko takes off the VR set, he is wearing the outfit from the game. The in-game armor was created based off of the costume he has worn on the last several seasons of the TV show. Normally he walks out breathing fire, juggling flaming things, or in some way playing with fire. In one of his previous submission videos he actually lit himself on fire and did parkour.

Reko the Ninja

I love working (and playing) with creative people like Reko. His ability to reach out to people to make something happen is pretty inspiring. We are greatful to be a part of his video... and we are all eager to cheer Reko and fellow friend Ninjas Drew Drechsel, Ryan Stratis, and Mach Rousch on this season. Battle on!


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