Return to Pointe Less Isle

Artix Krieger | Thursday, June 4, 2020

It's almost Summer... let's go on vacation early!

You and all of your friends are hereby invited to a relaxing, sunny, and slightly monster-infested getaway at Pointe Less Isle!  Enjoy fishing, random monster spawns, new item drops, and crafting.

Random Boss Spawns

The island is known for random boss monsters to appear.... and there are new drops and crafting!

Hey, these items seem kinda fishy to me!

"Fish ears, sword fishes, shark stuff and... hey! are you playing Koi with me?"

Gone Fishing!

You can fish on the isle once you are  high enough rank.

Faith, the fishing trainer is on the isle now...

Oh yeah! You are going to need some serious fishing skills on the isle. Be sure to rank up your fishing in the Pirate Town of Lolosia first!

You can get to Pointe Less isle using your travel map, or by talking to Annette in town.

The isle is a place to chill. There are places to sit,  hang out, and many creative players come up with their own games.

Brand New Items

All of the new items in this release are drops or crafting that can be earned. We also returned the seasonal summer items.

  • Undersea Cape
  • Fishe Axe
  • Fish Ears
  • Fishy Dagger
  • Fishy Sword
  • Fishy Staff
  • SharkBlade
  • Sword Fish
  • Koi Fish Staff
  • Gold Spade & Silver Pail
  • Black Spade & Pail
  • Orange Spade & Yellow Pail
  • Green Spade & Purple Pail
  • Red Spade & Blue Pail
  • Golden Pool Noodle Sword
  • Black Pool Noodle Sword
  • Pink Pool Noodle Sword
  • Green Pool Noodle Sword
  • Purple Pool Noodle Sword
  • Blue Pool Noodle Sword
  • Yellow Pool Noodle Sword
  • Red Pool Noodle Sword

Have fun & Live Events next Thursday!

Have you ever been to one of our live events? A live event is when Artix or the other devs spawn monsters across the game during a live interaction with all the players online. It is pretty fun and often "anything goes". Sometimes we drop special treasure boxes too. Sometimes Artix tells stories. On Twitter last week, we figured out that we could hit almost every time zone if we did the live events at noon, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm EST.  So we would love to give it a shot next Thursday. Hope to see you there!  I will do a post on you breaking down the times for different time zones early next week on the website.




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