Reporting Shouldn't Be Scary

Glisel | Monday, December 2, 2019

When Other Players Make AQ3D A Scary Place

The internet can be a scary place. It seems like people can say whatever they want without any real consequences. On Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube...

Your AdventureQuest 3D in-game experience should be an exception to that. If your chat becomes a scary place due to player bullying or harassment, there are two things you can do to help make your game experience fun again. 

1. Use the chat filter in your settings to make it like a "canned" chat. If you do not want to see profanity, turn the chat filter on.

2. Report the person or people who are being bullies or harassing you (or others) to Player Support using our Support Site.


You can view all of our Help pages at 

Including In-Game Reporting

and Why Have I Been Muted/Banned?

Or read on here for details...

What is Player Support?

Player Support is a team of real life people who are dedicated to solving your issues with the game, your account, even your HeroMart purchases as easily and happily as possible. They work along with the game Moderators, and receive hundreds of Tickets and Reports from players of all of our games each day which they review and respond to as quickly as possible.

The Support team is led by Nythera who has worked at Artix Entertainment in Player Support for over thirteen years! She helped me write this post by answering some questions of mine.


What Is A Ticket?

A Ticket is the help form you send through the Contact Support button in the game menu and on our websites.

You can also send a Ticket using the green Help button on any Support link on our game websites.

It comes to Player Support as an email that we can easily read and respond to.

Tickets are generally for Account issues, Purchase issues, or Game Functionality issues.

What Is A Report?

A Report is the in-game function you use if a player is violating the Artix Entertainment Rules in-game. A player MUST be reported in-game so their in-game chat logs can be pulled.

Please Do Not send screen shots to Artix Player Support as we Can Not use them as confirmation of rules violations.

You can also send a Report about in-game bugs using the AE Bugs Tracker or the Report Bug button in the main menu.


What Is Considered Bullying Or Harassing In-Game?

1. Use of obscene or vulgar language toward another player
2. Threatening or abusive language
3. Hate speech based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality

How Do I Report Someone Who Is Bullying or Harassing Someone In Chat?

Easy. Click/tap on their character portrait and choose Report. Then select the report reason (or enter the reason) and send the report.


Will They Know I Reported Them?

No need to fear. Sending Reports is confidential. We won't tell, even if you do.


I've Already Done That. What's Next?

Thank you for reporting the problem player(s). We'll take it from here.

AdventureQuest 3D has an army of in-game moderators who check reports 7 days a week. They will investigate the report, pull the in-game chat log to verify, and then take appropriate action. Consequences range from a temporary mute or ban to disabling the account. Results may take effect up to a couple of days after reporting.


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