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Glisel | Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Rowdy Barbarian Boys

A band of rowdy barbarians laid waste to a small town with their rough-housing. Guardian Gardenia could use a hand in taming them. Power up with a potion from Warlic to give you an extra fighting edge to take on these rowdy boys.

Shop of Rough-Housing

All of the barbarians have a chance to drop a Coin of Rough-Housing. This coin can be used at the Shop of Rough-Housing to obtain one of three weapons.

  • Ultimate Shadowflame
  • Fireblade of War
  • Bloodriver

Look Familiar?

These rough-housing rewards are 3D recreations of popular weapons in AdventureQuest Worlds.

Doggie Travel Forms

Aria’s Pet Shop now includes Doggie Travel Forms. You can now play ruff with your dog pet as a fellow pupper friend.

Last Chance

  • The Take on Darkon event leaves the Social District September 7th.
  • The 2022 Summer Collection leaves September 14th.

Thank you and… Next!

We are working on creating an epic quest that will reward you with a highly-anticipated item, or two. Get ready to team up with the rest of the community to share in these exciting rewards.

See you in game...
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