The Rune Portal

Glisel | Monday, February 10, 2020

The Travel Crystal... has evolved into a Portal!

"The Travel Crystal? Yeah, we saw this coming. It was only a matter of time until all that magic energy collapsed in on itself creating hole through space and dimensions. Sure is pretty. I could stare at it for hours. But yeah. I just feel bad for that one fella that touched it when it happened."

Rune Portal 101: How to Teleport Good

Travel in Lore will become much more intuitive for new players. Maybe for you too. The portal is "activated" by running into it, of course. It was surprising how many people just did not want to touch that blue crystal. But EVERYONE wants to walk into a portal. So that's what you do now.

Every couple of seconds, the image in the portal changes to one of a new location... Darkovia, Ashfall, Frostvale, Doomwood, etc.

Story, Adventures, Battle Concerts

In this release, the portal will bring up the menu that lets you travel. We are in the middle of expanding it to let you access the main story (and show you your progress), and also access challenges, side adventures, special and holiday events including next week's Breaking Benjamin battle concert! (You may remember us talking about this in the previous post titled: new World Story and Book of Lore menu

Check it out when it goes live in this week's "Heroes Heart Week" release and let us know what you think XD Battle on!


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