Samuarai Class Art Preview

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Honor. Duty. Art.

Behold, a sneak peek at Dage's anime-inspired art design for the upcoming Samurai Class.

Players were pretty hyped to see Dage's posts about this on Twitter. His intention was to create a light set that really captured the anime feeling of Samurai-themed shows.

The class's story revolves around a very Eastern-style Dragon. Dage created a heavy set to represent the dragon in its prime form. The Dragon set will be the advanced special set-- hopefully obtained through a special spiritual journey to connect with the dragon spirit for the Samurai Class.

The Samurai Class will likely be the first of the new classes we are building to go live. How did this one jump in front of the other classes? It was just the furthest along on the code side. The amount of code and time needed to make game client and server changes will be a big factor in the class release order. On that topic, in addition to art previews we should also do class skill preview posts too. I overheard bits of a story meeting and it filled me with joy hearing how excited everyone was for this. Everyone on the team agrees that each class needs a lore-based story in the game.

When will Samurai Class be released? Some team members say "Mid-July." Realistically, we should expect some form of testing to begin around that time. I really enjoy sharing the art with you... seeing it is one of my biggest motivators to work on the game.

Question: Do you like the light armor or heavy armor version best?


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