Sandsea Saga Part 8: The Djinn’s Labyrinth

Glisel | Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Djinn of the Lamp: Khal-No’Bir

With the lamp reassembled, you are now able to enter the Djinn’s chamber. Seek the Djinn of the lamp, Khal-No’Bir, within the Great Pyramid, navigate the labyrinth inside, and collect the four hidden crystals. Activate them to be granted entry to Khal-No’Bir’s chamber and defeat him. Deliver the final blow to him and the wish is yours...

The Labyrinth (Dungeon)

Getting to Khal-No'Bir won't be easy, as the Djinn waits for you at the end of a spellbinding labyrinth deep inside the Great Pyramid! To complete The Labyrinth, you must navigate through its treacherous multi-colored halls to find a means to power up the doorway to the Djinn's Chamber. Luckily for you, Lord Sekt is willing to impart on a clue that may help shine a light on your path to Khal-No'Bir...

Dungeon Rewards: The Keeper’s Treasure

The Keeper’s Treasure reward chest contains Djinn Essence (crafting material), with the possibility of additional items such as Mystical Djinn weapons and the final piece of the Sun Keeper set.

  • Sun Keeper Armor
  • Sun Keeper Helm (final piece of the Sun Keeper set!)
  • Sun Keeper Cloak
  • Mystical Djinn Sword (cosmetic)
  • Mystical Djinn Hammer (cosmetic)
  • Mystical Djinn Blaster (cosmetic)
  • Mystical Djinn Bow (cosmetic)


Turns out the Djinn comes with a Rematch Clause. This Daily quest rewards you with 10 Djinn Treasure if you can best him again. This treasure can be used to craft garments and accessories fit for a Djinn.

Djinn Crafting

Use your Djinn Essence and Treasure to craft the Mystical Djinn armor set. The set includes:

  • Mystical Djinn Robes
  • Mystical Djinn Belt
  • Mystical Djinn Boots
  • Mystical Djinn Gauntlets
  • Mystical Djinn Shoulders

Camp Gonnagetcha has Returned!

Camp Gonnagetcha is here but there is no new Shrade and no camp war. You can craft all existing camp items now and still grind the Shrade monsters for those super rare drops. Just head to Yulgar’s Inn and talk to Dottie, the High ArchCounselor. New Friday the 13th content will now happen in the new evergreen (permanent) Cabin in the Globe.

Note: You may see a new Shrade-like monster pop up in Live Events, so keep an eye on our social media.

-Coming Soon-

We're just a few weeks away from not only the story's conclusion, but also a new endgame challenge! This challenge will be your means to attain a new Best-In-Stat armor set with a +20 Infusion cap! And who knows, maybe there'll also be a Legendary weapon for you to find too... Guess we'll find out in September!

Battle on!
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