Heatwave! Sandea Weapons are so hot right now.

Glisel | Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Heat Wave & 5 New Craftable Weapons!

Hunt for 5 new weapons... but beware, the Sandsea desert is under a heat wave warning. Stand in that blazing sun, and you will start taking damage. If I were you, I would fill up with water bottles before going out into the desert. The desert heat will make you faint. You should also consider activating a checkpoint -- a blue stone floating atop a pedestal. You'll see them in safe areas across the desert.

Activating a Check Point will enable you to return to its location on the chance that you do faint in the desert.

Beat the Heat with Water Bottles and Moglinade

Bobby B knows you shouldn't stay out in the sun too long without a refreshing drink, so he's got some Water Bottles for sale that will temporarily help you beat the heat. Fahad and Dahlia have stocked up on water bottles too so you can get refills on your quests. If you're up for a challenge, Bobby could also use your help in creating Moglinade, a potion that keeps you hydrated for longer than a regular water bottle. Finish the quest to make sure Fahad and Dahlia are stocked up on Moglinade too!

Revisit Simmi-Tar's shop to craft five new weapons.

  • Sand Doom Staff
  • Sandsea Skewer
  • Sand Shark Reaper
  • Sand Doom Staff
  • Scarab Pincer Claws

Note: Mastercraft versions of these items will be released for crafting in a future release!

Weapon Crafting Materials

Sandestine Alloy - You already learned how to create this powerful alloy from helping Craig the Intern at Nigel's Office. Return to complete his daily quest "More Sandestine Alloy" to craft more.

Bastion Bucks - Yup! "Keeping the Aquifer Clean" for Paul DeRonn is the best way to earn a quick 100 bucks. Simmi-Tar also will also pay you 80 bucks for "Scouting Some Weapon Parts".

Monster Materials - Each weapon's design is inspired by a different desert creature so they each need materials from that creature. Head back out to the desert... or perhaps you've been saving them up from previous quests.

Sandsea Saga Part 2: Just Deserts

You need to compete last week's release of the Sandsea Saga Part 2 to see these great new side quests and level up to the new max of 33! Read up on the story and new NPC side quests released in Part 2 in our design notes.

See you in Sandsea!

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