ScreamShock Scatterday #O_O

Artix Krieger | Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Screenshot war was brutal, and the loser's revenge swift

In the screenshot war between PvP and PvE.... there could only be ONE left standing. But no one expected what would come next.

(Screenshot by AquilaeAQ3D)


Hands down by your votes and the sheer numbers of PvE screenshot submissions.... "Player vs Everything" won. But the spirit of PvP does not take defeat easily.

(Phone screenshot by Cruxlucifer)

The Revenge of PvP

The rotting defeated body of PvP lay wasted upon the ground. But the ground it laid upon was Doomwood...

(Pictured: Not DoomWood. Screenshot by HazirothGhost)

PvP rose as the undead and slew PvE...

It was revenge. Down, but never out... PvP murdered Screenshot Saturday with it's twisted hands of death. Leaving only the screams of the day in it's wake.

(Screenshot by Ludweedkarl)

It will be known as... SCREAM SHOT SCATTERDAY

How to win an Artix Friendscythe

So today's screenshot mission... is to take a screenshot of your character being stalked by the undead. Spin your camera around with an undead abomination behind you. Best screenshot (judged by Pacidica) gets an Artix Friendscythe or weird item from Artix's collection. (Note: Haziroth just won one for his outstanding screenshots last week-- good job)

Post your screenshot with the undead to @ArtixKrieger on Twitter!

(OMG! The promo image got in on this screenshot challenge! Kidding-- but it sorta looks like it.)

DoomWood might be a nice spot...feel free to have your friends use their undead travel forms for this.

Post your screenshot with the undead to @ArtixKrieger on Twitter!


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