Beauty and the Best: Screenshot Saturday Winners Announced

Beleen | Friday, June 9, 2023

More than 950 entries were received to the Screenshot Saturday: Mobile Edition contest, and the judges have finally chosen the winners!

We recently hosted the Screenshot Saturday: Mobile Edition contest, and everyone was positively overwhelmed by the astounding response. With nearly 1,000 remarkable entries flooding in, our task of selecting just 5 favorites quickly became a challenging, yet delightful, endeavor. Each entry showcased the unique perspective, skill, and creativity of the players involved. From beautiful landscapes to action-packed battle scenes to some really whacky stuff, the diversity of screenshots taken captured awe-inspiring moments across AdventureQuest 3D!

The Judging Process 🕵️‍♀️

We are still marveling over the immense talent – and perfectly timed moments – from our dedicated participants. Since we had to narrow things down, the judges chose their favorite screenies that carried with it a story and a representation of the fun found within the game. The winning screenshots will be used in the iOS App Store and Google Play, so these elements helped guide the judges’ decisions. 

Throughout the judging process, one thing became abundantly clear: screenshots have an incredible power to connect people and evoke emotions, allowing us to capture fleeting moments, freeze time, and tell vibrant stories without words. We witnessed the magic of AQ3D through the eyes of our players, as each screenshot transported us to mesmerizing locations, conveyed a sense of wonder, and showcased the extraordinary adventures of the in-game world that we’re all playing together!

Announcing the Winners 🏆

After much deliberation, we finally arrived at our top 5... no, 10... no...wait.... 24 favorite picks!! Check out all the glorious screenshots on the AQ3D Facebook page in our Photo Album titled "Screenshot Saturday: Mobile Edition contest winners," and please join us in congratulating your fellow gamers for their outstanding submissions!

Re Prince of Embers
Emperor Kai
King Phoebus
Natt Lynx

Spectacular screenshots, everybody! Please check your inventories for a super shiny Emperor’s Chest! Randomized screenshots will be showcased in the app stores throughout the coming weeks, so not all of them will be seen at once. Keep a lookout for your favorites!

Wow! What an adventure! 🤩

The Screenshot Saturday: Mobile Edition contest took us on an extraordinary journey, one that allowed us to appreciate the endless adventures in AQ3D. We are humbled and grateful for the overwhelming response from our community and the opportunity to witness the artistry displayed by our participants. Through their lenses, we have witnessed the magic of our game, and are eager to share these amazing moments with new players on the mobile app stores! 

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, and even if you didn't win a prize this time, we hope you'll enter our future contests. And until next time: keep screenshotting and sharing the amazement found within AdventureQuest 3D!

Battle on!
Beleen, the AQ3D Team, and the panel of judges who actually wear business suits sometimes

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