Screenshot Saturday: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Glisel | Friday, September 20, 2019

Congratulations on Winning the Camp War, Pirates!

The Talk Like A Pirate Day 2019 Collection was just released on Sept 19, the official Talk Like A Pirate Day. While you're trying out your new armor and equipment, not to mention that giant travel form, show us how you are representing the Pirates this week.

How to Participate

Post your screenshots as a reply to @ArtixKrieger's Screenshot "Like A Pirate" Saturday Twitter Post. You can post as many as you want... be sure to  include your in-game name (otherwise, how would we know who to give prizes to?) Also, please please don't add any text to your screenshots.


Shall we do 10 more Warlord's chests? Let's do it! There will be 10 winners who will receive a Warlord's chest in their inventory next Friday, September 27th, when the contest ends.

Take a look at last week's winners of the Shrade Shot Saturday contest

ArtYuni (@artxyuni on Twitter)

Baby Disco (@Priest_Hidan on Twitter)

Gorothor (@Rock65902038)

Kyuricarp (@N897194333)

Lunaceria (@JusticarLuna)

MapCurse (@MapCurse)

Pun (@Pun_AE)

Wildflowerx (@Wildcardxflower)

Wyrmwulf (@Wyrmwulf)

Xctroy (@Xctroy_AQ3D)


Congratulations to the winners and good luck to everyone!

Keep creating, stay creative, and, as always...

Battle On!

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