Screenshot Saturday: Alice in Chains & Yokai

Glisel | Friday, November 22, 2019

Join in a Double Feature Screenshot Saturday!

Take and post your best screenshots from the Alice in Chains battle concert and new Yokai Isle releases for a shot at scoring some unreleased loot!

It is the final week of the Alice in Chains Battle Concert. We also just released Yokai Isle Part 2 & the first of three challenge boss fights. We couldn't decide on which we wanted to see more of... so why not both? It has been awesome to see how much fun you've had over the past few weeks, whether it's grinding in the Arena or solving mysteries on Yokai Island. We hope you saved your screenshots because this is a double feature!

How to Participate

1. Take epic screenshots of yourself enjoying the Alice in Chains Battle Concert and/or any part of the Yokai Island releases

2. Post your screenshots to Artix's official Screenshot Saturday 29 Tweet along with your character name (So we know who to give prizes to.


There will be 6 winners....

Each winner will get (depending on what they already have):

  • An Alice in Chains armor or travel form
  • An unreleased Black Friday item
  • Deleted. (Just kidding. You will get one of the two prizes above.)

Feel free to comment which you would like... along with your character name when you make the post.

We reserve the right to give more prizes for those who go above and beyond.

Good luck everyone!


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