Screenshot Staturday #16: NEW BATTLEON!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, May 9, 2019

New Screenshot Saturday contest in the works!

After the Void King burned our town to the ground, we have rebuilt it. The new city of Battleon awaits you! ...and you know what that means? Pictures! And lots of them! Take some pictures of New Battleon and you might be one of the lucky five winners to walk away with an Emperor's Chest! We'll pick the winners on May 17, 2019!

How to enter!

Post a screenshot and your AdventureQuest 3D name as a reply to Artix's #ScreenshotSaturday Tweet! Then, we'll pick 5 lucky winners and announce them on May 17, 2019!

Also, Artix might use your screenshots in future Design Notes posts... if so, he'll credit and tag you somewhere in the post!

And don't think we forgot about our fantastic winners from last week!

We gave THIRTY valiant heroes Emperor's Chests for defending Battleon against Vane's villainous forces!

1) @racerx420_aq3d (IGN: racerx420)
2) @abatskors (IGN: abats)
3) @thatherotarax (IGN: thatherotarax)
4) @averagejoewen (IGN: diarrhea giver)
5) @leun_rm (IGN: az_leun)
6) @mimikyu420_aq3d (IGN: mimikyu420)
7) @b_poenik (IGN: B Phoenik)
8) @ragingbright (IGN: hayasu)
9) @sohamud (IGN: Xctroy)
10) @caddeus (IGN: caddeus)
11) @stonerrick420 (IGN: xaerbal)
12) @thomaz_akira (IGN: kagutsuchi)
13) @biohazardarmy (IGN: biohazardarmy)
14) @sylveonxy123 (IGN: sylveon)
15) @tennkaim (IGN:tennkai)
16) @FoxyD69 (IGN: Foxy Diamond)
17) @gteinalek (IGN:lakeg)
18) @bxlt_aq3d (IGN:bxlt)
19) @rock65902038 (IGN: gorothor)
20) @x_simyco_x (IGN: x_simyco_x)
21) @achrelois (IGN: achrelois)
22) @rallisAE (IGN: rallisimo)
23) @vampire_hunterp (IGN: Vampire Hunter P)
24) @shunjouAQ3D (IGN: shunjou)
25) @vyrelost_AE (IGN: vyrelost)
26) @chadsellew (IGN:vulpes inculta)
27) @pinglaun (IGN: wes scj)
28) @kor_eibon (IGN:hellactuis)
29) @zeax_ae (IGN: zeax)
30) @the_ghost_thief (IGN: lucija)

Congratulations to all of our wonderful winners and as always, thanks for reading!

-Pacifica & all of your friends at Artix Entertainment

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