Screenshot Saturday 21 - Swimsuit Edition!

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 7, 2019

Screenshot Saturday #21.... Swimsuit Editiuon

Let's have a little fun in the sun. This week's theme is "Hero's under the sun!" Send selfies or group photos with your friends and comment it to Artix's Tweet for a chance to score a Emperor's Chest -OR- the 2019 Summer Collection. Also, Pointe Less Isle is back... might make a great backdrop for your screenshots.

Artix's Screenshot Saturday #20 Tweet

Last Week's Winners

You can see all of last week's entries on the AdventureQuest 3D Facebook page. Be sure to give it a like and follow while you are there.

  1. @The_Ghost_Thief (IGN: Lucija)
  2. @PouweaB (IGN: Pouwea)
  3. @gteinalek (IGN: Lakeg)
  4. @WarungAQ3D (IGN: Warung)
  5. @B_Phoenik (IGN: B Phoenik)
  6. @BL00dyHeLL_AE (IGN: BL00dyHeLL)
  7. @GThisGo (IGN: Mr Dallas)
  8. @MapCurse (IGN: MapCurse)
  9. @Rallis_AE (IGN: Rallisimo)
  10. @lore_guild (IGN: With Bailey YouTube)
  11. @HerMia_AE (IGN: HerMia Artemis)
  12. @Vypie (IGN: Vypie)
  13. @leun_rm (IGN: az_leun)
  14. @JupitterKing (IGN: OrochiSnake)
  15. @JokiTrash (IGN: LFox)
  16. @Jacylan (IGN: Koryna)
  17. @Mingky_AE (IGN: M1NGKY)
  18. @xaerbal (IGN: xaerbal)
  19. @myrcyclops_ae (IGN: myrcyclops)

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