Call of Gloopy: Sewer Warfare

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Player vs Parkour Challenge

Hop in the slime filled sewers for this team vs team parkour challenge.  You will be randomly placed on either the Jumper or Defender team. The jumpers have 10 minutes to find and activate three purple valves somewhere in the sewer. But it won't be easy. The defenders are there to mess with them by springing traps! At the end, everyone will be teleported to a special boss fights that drops loot to craft rewards with.

Go to to the sewers

You will find the enterence to the sewers in the Scholar district of the home town. You know, if you go past the port and go right-ish into that area where Warlic's magic shop and the Trainer Hall is. There, you will find a sewer with a giant slime named Gloopy. Talk to it to see the rewards and learn more.


This parkour map features floating barrels, spinning gears, and all kinds of new things never seen in previous challenges. The sewer splits three ways. You and your team might want to split up and try to reach the objective at the end of each path. Warning! This new map was created by our most notoriously evil level designer, Dagger. So expect to hit the respawn button a lot! XD


Do you dream of making other players cry? If you are randomly placed on the Defenders team, you get to trigger traps. Activate valves to trigger the traps. Pay close attention to the colors of the vales. It gives a clue as to which trap it springs. You can also teleport around to get in a better position to stop the jumpers.

Boss Fights!

A match lasts 10 minutes. Then, everyone is teleported to boss fights. The winning side gets better loot. Use the items these Boss Monsters drop to craft special plumber armor and plunger weapons. 

Oh... I nearly forgot to mention the

Rare items drops!?

The Boss fights at the end all have a chance to drop rare items for the winning side.

These prizes include...

  • The Golden Plumber Plunger
  • Slerg's Rod

Tips & Special Notes

This is a "PvPvE" challenge.... which is Parkour vs Player vs Environment. You will have to jump, battle monsters, and beware of the traps live players will be springing on you. This is NOT EASY. Which is why this is 100% optional side content for you to enjoy. And we do hope you enjoy it. We will be watching and tweaking things as you give us feedback.

Hop on!

P.S. Thank you so much for your patience and support while we fixed the bugs with today's new AdventureQuest 3D client release. Took a bit to update the game and get it live on all app stores-- but we are live everywhere now!



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