Shadow Of The Wind VIllage

Cysero | Thursday, September 19, 2019


Ahoy, mates! Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day and It be my honor and privilege to give you a sneak peek of th' expanded Lolosia Story. 

Th' next content release will feature th' first part of Lolosia, Chapter 2. It be taking place in a ninja training village on Yokai Island called Shadow of the Wind Village. Some of ye' olde DF players might be recognizing some of th' names and faces there, aye. 

Th'  Shadow of the Wind village is where th' Imperial Ninja live and train, in th' service of Empress Ai No Miko, who makes her home in th' Imperial Palace in Akiba on th' other side of Yokai Island. Pirates and  Ninja be natural enemies so ye'll be havin' to put in some work to pose as a new ninja trainee and discover what th' ninja know about th' Sea God's Trident. 

Th' first part of the adventure will take you from th' village to th' heart of th' volcano on Yokai Island. Part 2 will take you into th' forest home of th' fearsome Dai-Tengu and even below down into th' briny deep inside th' belly of th' Blade of the Deep, a ninja ship designed to sail beneath th' waves! Ye can get a sneak peek at th' Blade of the Deep as it be th' Travel Form in th' 2019 TLAPD COLLECTION!  

2019 Talk Like A Pirate Day Collection!

That be right! Th' 2019 TLAPD COLLECTION be LIVE! 

Th' collection features three amazin' piratical sets crafted by Dage The Evil, as well as two pets (Shiver Me Whiskers and Davy Bones), two weapons and a Blade of the Deep travel form! Ye will also be obtainin' th' "PRIVATEER" rare title and badge with yer collection!

Ye can speak to Gunpowder Mary in Battleon or Lolosia to unlock this years collection or grab some booty a'la carte from previous year's collections! 


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