Incoming: Player-Requested Feature and New Fan-Favorites!

Beleen | Wednesday, May 31, 2023

We’ve got exciting stuff planned for y’all based on your feedback, wishes, and fishes.

Mother of Tog, can you *believe* it’s almost June?! We are nearly half-way through the year and the time has flown by blindingly fast. It seems like only a month ago I joined the AQ3D team… oh wait, that’s true… but still!! Wow! SO much has happened and SO MUCH more is happening and I simply cannot wait to blab everything to you!

Player-Requested Feature

You asked for it—so here it is: Sheathing Weapons will finally be a thing! Starting Thursday, you can now sheath your weapons so you don’t have to run around like a maniac with a super sharp pointy thing. I mean, you can still run around like a maniac, but at least your kindergarten teacher will be proud that you heeded her advice after all these years. There will be a new option in the Settings added to auto-sheathe your weapon, but you can also use the /sheathe command, or bind a hotkey to the sheath function (PC only). Some weapons cannot be sheathed, including bows and certain dual equipped items (ie. a sword and shield). Sheathed weaponry is going to allow the creation of some amazing screenshots we’re sure, which leads me to...

Screenshot Saturday

Yay! Another Screenshot Saturday is starting this weekend! We had such an amazing—and overwhelming—turnout with our past Screenshot Saturday (over 900 submissions omg) so now that we’re judging those entries, it’s time to start a new contest. This time, it will be Screenshot Sheathurday, where you’ll be competing with fellow heroes across Steam and Mobile devices, showing off yer best shots with sheathed weapons. More details on that this Saturday.

More Player-Requested Features

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from our players regarding player feedback. Trust me: we are listening AND organizing all your suggestions, comments, and concerns into an easy-to-digest document from years past to present day. This is a massive undertaking, but you are all so important to us, and we value everything you have to say. So! Once I further narrow down the already consolidated list of only like 16,271 words, the AQ3D team will review it all and address what can and cannot be done in game. Thank you again for all your suggestions overflowing with excitement and possibilities!

I created a Discord Forums Channel for AQ3D Questions, Comments, and Feedback, if you’d like to contribute your ideas:
Click Here to Join the Channel

A Swimmingly Good Time

Since summer is right around the corner, it’s time for heroes to shed their suits of armor and equip seasonally appropriate suits… of the bathing variety. Brand new swimsuits and battle bikinis are arriving soon for summer! This season will be full of fabulous swimwear that somehow offers similar protection as chainmail armor, but without the rust factor upon getting wet. Can’t wait to see everybody in Lore chillin’ at the beach and going fishin’ in their brand-new battle swimsuits!

Last Chances!

Heads up, Hero: today is the LAST FULL DAY to get your Golden Vampragon Pet, available to everyone! Just click the Treasure Chest icon by your Abilities to open the Golden Vampragon Shop and get it for the low low price of 0 Gold. Also, the May Promo item is going away too, so if you want to support the AQ3D team, you will get the “May Showers Cloud Helm” included in all packages from the Upgrade Shop.

When the servers go down on June 1st for the new release:

  • Free Golden Vampragon Pet leaves
  • May Promo Item leaves
  • New June Promo Item arriving

And, as another reminder for all you galaxy far far away fans:

  • May the 4th event content leaves June 7th

Thank You All!

Thanks again for showing your support for AQ3D, no matter if you’re a Guardian, a dabbler in DC, or just a free player enjoying the world of Lore alongside us all! Without players like you, none of this would be possible, and we are thankful for each and every one of you. If you’re like me, then you know this summer is shaping up to be the best one yet in AdventureQuest history!

Battle on!
Beleen, Glisel, and the AQ3D team


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