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Glisel | Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Live Celebration Dark Blade - Guardian Only

Calling all Guardians!

Head to the Sanctuary (it’s in the Special Locations tab) to get your exclusive free Live Celebration Dark Blade from the Open Beta Shop. Thank you for supporting AdventureQuest 3D.

Get Your Daily Dose of Fun!

Looking to earn a few extra tokens of map currency? Well, now you can with our three new Daily Quests.

  • "Daily Gains" - Earn extra Ring of Doom Medals from Cheer
  • "Arcade Coins" - Earn extra Arcade Coins from Bean Twilly
  • "Cheat Codes" - Earn extra 8-Bit Gold from 8-Bit Clarion

Al-Ma Kitties

Clarion has noticed something strange in RetroQuest Worlds. His kitty Alma appears to be able to show up in more than one place at a time. Will you help him investigate what’s happening to Alma?

The Call of Nature

Heed the call of nature and prove that you have what it takes to wield the Enchanted Beastmaster Blade. Find the wise Druid Dalia Swift Paw in Yulgar’s Inn and she will guide you on this epic quest.

AFK Leaderboard Update

Well folks, there is good news and bad news.

The bad news is that the AFK leaderboard is going away due to an exploit that we can't fix in a reasonable amount of time. We liked the idea of competitive "doing nothing" but people started to do things and it was better than "doing nothing" in terms of points and that ruins the fun.

The good news is that we’re keeping the Leaderboard Quests up for one more week. AND when we remove the quests, the Leaderboard will still be visible. However, only the top 100 AFKers will be immortalized on the AFK Leaderboard. Do nothing like you’ve never done anything before!

Last Chance

  • All Mogloween and Mystcroft map content will leave AQ3D on November 16th
  • 20th Anniversary Event ends around January 1st, 2023. Event game maps will be moved to Adventure Menu permanently
  • AFK Leaderboard Quests will be removed on November 16th

Thank you and… Next!

Black Friday arrives in AQ3D early this year with dapper new digs and wondrous weapons in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shops. We’ll follow that with the big Lolosia finale in the underwater city of Atlantis.

Battle on!

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