Enter The Temple of Death! The toughest challenge yet...

Rellik | Tuesday, November 2, 2021

"You think you’ve defeated me? You can’t even begin to imagine my full power!"

Skorpienne is back, bigger and badder than before! You’ll need to gather your most powerful friends to help you face her at full power in The Temple of Death…

The Temple of Death - Raid

Defeating Skorpienne in The Temple of Death is no easy task, with multiple phases to battle through, and new tactics that will end the fight if you fail to defeat her. Be careful, and don’t get overwhelmed by her armies! Shatter her Destruction Diamonds before she destroys the whole Temple and defeats you all.

Pick up some quests from Sekt before heading to the Great Pyramid to join the Temple of Death raid. We used a similar queue system to the Battle Arena. Make sure you have at least 751 total average power equipped. Skorpienne will only face worthy opponents. When all ten players are ready, you will be teleported to the Raid.

*Note: You can check your average power in the Equipped Gear section of your inventory.

The Rewards

This week’s release is packed with epic rewards for defeating the fully powered Skorpienne!

Defeating her in battle gives you a chance to obtain the following from the reward chest…

  • Hollowed Champion Bow
  • Hollowed Champion Dagger
  • Hollowed Champion Greatsword
  • Hollowed Champion Scythe
  • Skorpienne Carapace (crafting materials)
  • Skorpienne Crystal Fragments (crafting materials)

If you destroy all of the Destruction Crystals and prevent the temple from being destroyed, a second special chest will drop with…

  • “Battalion” Title
  • Extra Skorpienne Crystal Fragments
  • Extra Skorpienne Carapace

Of course, there are also a couple of extremely rare items in both chests, but we’ll just let you find out what they are :)

Hollowed Champion Crafting

Visit Sekt to craft the Hollowed Champion armor set and weapons after you’ve slayed Skorpienne again!

  • Hollowed Champion Armor
  • Hollowed Champion Belt
  • Hollowed Champion Boots
  • Hollowed Champion Cloak
  • Hollowed Champion Crown
  • Hollowed Champion Gloves
  • Hollowed Champion Plates
  • Hollowed Champion Dual Daggers
  • Hollowed Champion Greatsword and Dagger

The Masquerade

We made a video to show off the Masquerade of the Macabre, go and watch it, and tell us if you want us to make more videos like this!

There are still secrets in the haunted ballroom, do you dare to find them?

Talk to Umbra, a mysterious interloper at the Masquerade when your reputation is rank 10...
A creature of the night made off with one of her valued heirlooms, and she needs help getting it back.

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Curious about Dungeons & Doomknights? Want to meet Artix? Head over to the Wisconsin Centre in Milwaukee, WI, from November 5th to November 7th.


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How to level up quickly!

Eager to play the challenge? Here’s a list of some of the quickest way to level up!

  • Finish the Sandsea Saga
  • Play some PvP
  • Visit the Masquerade of the Macabre
  • Play through the story

The most efficient way to get your average power level to 751 is to utilize a combination of the following gear:

  • Infuse pieces of the Void Sharken to +15 power offset or 15/15 infusion.
  • Use Zhoom’s Bow; rewarded by completing the Sandsea Saga or any other weapon that can be infused to +15 or 15/15.
  • Infuse additional pieces of Crocos gear to +10 or 10/10.

You need at least 2 items fully infused to 755 Power level and the rest infused to 750 power level to get access to the raid. You can keep checking your average power by clicking Equip Best in your Inventory until the average equals 751 or more.

See you in game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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