Artix Krieger | Monday, November 2, 2020

Slash Shop

The staff is aware of the bugged /shop <id> command the fix is rolling out with Wednesday's client & server patch.

Players have been posting videos and asking about this, so I wanted to give you a straight answer. Our official statement is, "This bug was 100% our fault and not destructive to the game, so the best thing to do is to just fix it.  We will not be taking items away from players who have used this." Because this temporary exploit is available for everyone, we are telling you to be completely fair. The fix will go live with the patch on Wednesday.

This bug happened in the last patch with a misplaced { in the code's logic which enabled an admin only command to be accessed by any player. It did not allow a players to access anything that they would not have (eventually) been able to access. I had thought the bug was fixed last Friday. I misunderstood that it was a partial hotfix that was released on Friday. The full one needs a few days to go through the submission and approval process.There will be a client and server patch released on Wednesday that will fix this and the interact-able shop pets.

SIDE NOTE: It is weird how much fun people have had experimenting and figuring out this command. Since we use it every day when testing, it was sort of weird seeing peoples response to it. Exploring it was almost like a mini-game. Maybe we should build intentional content like this for you extremely savvy gamers.

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