Slow Combat Bug

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Urgent Fix to Combat Slowness bug coming

Why is combat so slow!? It is a bug :-( But we are fixing it! :-) Right now. We are submitting an emergency patch today ASAP. 

A Tale of Two Towers Bugs... erm, make that Three. Wait. Four? O_o

Yesterday's game update brought the overwhelmingly beloved Titles feature to the game. Players can now customize their characters and show off their achievements, loyalty, and of course their favorite "funny/weird/strange" title. Cannot wait to add more! But first.... we are solving these issues that resulted in the release.

  • Combat Slowness
    We have been working on this all night. Bottom line? Something added to the combat system to support our upcoming classes is failing harder than that live action version of Avatar the Last Air-bender. (Normally I would have referenced the live action DragonBall movie *shudders* but I pretend I live in an alternate reality where it was never released.) We are rolling back the new combat code and making an emergency submission to all platforms tonight.

  • Loot Bag Breakage
    Semi-related to the combat bag, phantom (not supposed to exist) loot bags are dropping and clicking them is causing the came to freeze. These will be fixed by the emergency patch as well.
  • Chat Box Issues
    So, we uh.... fixed whispers, but broke everything else? /facepalm Most of the fixes for this will come in the next majorpatch.
  • Map Areas Locked
    I for one cannot wait for the new map system! One with a real explorable map that only unlocks when you explore and find the place on foot first. We built the locking system. But in this release it caused some players not to be able to quick travel to places they have unlocked. The good news is, from the coding side, this is a super simple fix-- and we are fixing this ASAP.

Also, about that Apple iOS release...

Coordinating the simultaneous release of a new game version and new server across PC, Mac, Android phones and tablets, and Apple phones and tablets has been something we have gotten pretty good at. Any developer that has intimate knowledge of what it actually takes to do that would tell you what you already know-- it is freaking hard we are crazy. :D Yesterday, we hit a snag where there was a huge lag before the new game version appeared across on the Apple App store. What happened? Best answer: It was one of those weird, bad timing, random anomalies. Everything was pre-approved and done correctly on both sides. It just took extra long to propagate across the app store. That is it. I know, this is really anti-climatic. It sure did not feel that way yesterday.... we were staring at our screens pulling out hair out, taking every action you can think of to figure out why it was not live. Then at 11:30pm (I was still at the lab) "poof!" It magically appeared.

Vesper made you a video

 Vesper wants you to set your Titles and Portraits


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