Sneak Peak: Talk Like a Pirate Day Armor

Glisel | Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dage has been busy working on the new Talk Like a Pirate Day armors. You saw in the last post the white variant of last year's Pirate Day armor. Here is a sneak peak at the 2019 armor... Pirate Commander!

For the Ladies!

Dage had to think quick when it came to showing off the chest tattoo on the female model. What do you think of his solution? He is also working on a version of the hat with long hair.

Anchors Away!

You can see more clearly the tattoo is the same as the emblem on the back of the commander's jacket. This variant of the hat also has an anchor on a black raised brim. I wonder if this will get a long hair version as well.

Are you excited about Talk Like a Pirate Day yet?


Battle on!

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