Ashfall - SNEAK 'PEAK'

Artix Krieger | Friday, November 11, 2016

Sneak “Volcano” Peak

We are working furiously on the upcoming, and yet to be named, Volcanic Dragon Saga. The image above is the first ever sneak peak. In the picture below, Llussion is turned around, looking back over the mountains at Shadowskull Tower. But what would you see if the camera was facing the other direction? Oh man. Just wait and see :D  (But wait just a bit longer, because we have to finish painting the textures first!)

SAGA? AWESOME! But how does it work?

This new saga will take the game to the next level. You will encounter the Order of DragonSlayers and begin a multi-part story that will unfold over several weeks... and open at least 7 new areas. Brace for new challenges, new monsters, and an all-new arch-villain. Also at least one fan favorite Dragon will fight tooth and claw to claim his place in this new world’s history. There will also be new items and a level cap raise.

Until then!

Next week we will be launching as new area featuring the Acevorah… “WHAT!? The winning entry of that monster contest from 4 years ago?” Yup! Originally we were just going to add the monster so you could fight it-- BUT... the team went overboard and made new weapons, some wicked head mounted items, monster variants, and an original storyline for the area. We also have level restrictions working on areas... so there will be a very accessable level 8 area, and if you complete the quests there and meet the level requirement, you will be able to enter the high level version.

Keep your eyes on the design notes for the latest game news.

QUESTION: Name of "special magical weapons" used by the DragonSlayers. Think "Widowmaker", "Heart Piecer", "Excalibur", etc.

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